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How To Find Clients Through Blogging?

If your law firm has begun blogging on a regular basis, you’ve no doubt already enjoyed the advantage it brings to promoting your company. With a blog, you have fresh content that is constantly working to get your website a higher ranking, and therefore, bring in more traffic. But what if you could use your blog to bring in more than just traffic? What if your blog could bring in actual clients that are ready to put your firm on retainer? Luckily, this isn’t a pipe dream.

With the right tools in place, blogging can become more than promotion tactic; it can become a selling point for your business. Lawyers can utilize blogs to not only inform their readers, but to persuade potential clients to use their services. Try the following tips to turn your blog into the best business development tool you’ll ever have at your disposal.

Customize Content

The most popular blogs are the ones that offer advice, that seek to solve problems the readers are having. That’s why fitness blogs, fashion blogs, and DIY blogs are so popular. Readers that want to get fit, learn how to match clothes, or fix up their apartment are turning to the blogosphere to find answers. Your legal blog can provide similar assistance to potential clients.

Blogging is all about finding a niche. Without unique content, your readers won’t feel compelled to choose your blog over another lawyer’s blog. By finding a niche, an area you know more about than anyone else, you can offer specific advice to potential clients in need of specific answers.

Create topics that are focused on your readers. Think about the problems they are facing, the issues that are keeping them up at night. A divorce lawyer who deals with a lot of families in low-income areas might want to blog about ways to keep your kids happy during a divorce without spending too much money. A patent lawyer that has a lot of young, entrepreneurial clients could blog about how to balance your business life with your personal life. Whatever niche you might have, creating custom content will make readers feel like you’re talking directly to them. Potential clients will appreciate how understanding you are of their needs and will certainly feel more compelled to call you up.

Include A Call To Action

Every blog post you write should have a purpose. You want to inform your readers, you want to write relevant articles, but none of these are the true purpose of writing a blog. At the bottom of it all, a blog is for developing business. You write informative, relevant posts to portray your expertise and persuade potential clients that you’re the right lawyer for their case. Therefore, you should seal the deal with a powerful call to action.

Imagine this. You write an informative, helpful piece on the benefits of trademarking your brand early. It’s funny, it’s educational, and it’s exactly what your readers are looking for. After you’ve reeled your readers in with this wonderful piece, you ask them to pick up the phone and call you to make an appointment with you to discuss their brand’s trademark. Is there a better time to make a call to action? Probably not. Therefore, try to end each blog post with a call to action where you leverage the information you’ve just presented to convince your readers to make the call. It’s an old marketing trick that is sure to make every blog post a selling point.

Encourage Interaction

It’s a well-known fact that your blog readers have opinions, too. Whether they’re already posting comments on your blog or not, they have hundreds of questions, comments, and arguing points that can actually help your business. It’s time to leverage your readers to make your blog that powerful business development tool.

Engaging your readers is a great way to keep them interest. You can include questions with every blog post, ask for feedback, and pose topics that might be a little controversial. The discussions that will result from these interactions can then be used to find new clients. Just make sure to stay on top of what your readers are saying. Answer their questions, offer advice, and when you see an opportunity, tell a commenter that you think you can help them with your legal services. This way, your blog and your comments are working together to find you new clients.

Chances are your law firm has already been blogging. However, up until now, you’ve probably only looked at blogging as a way to optimize your site and simply get people interested in your company. But your blog can actually be the deciding factor in reeling in new clients. With a strong call to action, encouraged user interaction, and customized, reader-centric content, you can leverage your blog to persuade potential clients to come in for an appointment. Turn every blog post into a walking, talking sales pitch for your legal practice.

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