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How to Find Clients on Google Plus?

With more than 500 million members, Google+ is now the second largest social network globally. So if you are looking to find experts in any field, this is one of the best places you should be.

If you haven’t created a Google+ account, go ahead and do that now, and setup your profile. Remember to use a picture of you, write about your expertise in the “About” section with a link to your portfolio or work samples.

Now once you are satisfied with your profile and made a few connections, there are few things I want us to do here:

Join relevant communities

  • In short, Google+ communities are in the form of groups or forums where people who share the same interest gather together to discuss common issues and concerns. But you have to be in the right community to achieve the right result.
  • For the purpose of this product, creating a fresh community is out of the question. That may not get you any result in less than 48 hours. So instead, let’s find relevant communities where our potential clients might already be.
  • So go to the communities tab and search for relevant communities using our usual search terms. Still remember them? (I meant all those search terms you used for other Social Groups)
  • Good! So let’s go ahead and key them in one after the other.
  • After each search, scan through the results and join communities with the highest number of members.
  • Now most Google+ communities have different sections for different discussions (just like we saw in LinkedIn groups, remember?)
  • So it is necessary that we post the right message in the right section. But unlike LinkedIn groups, G+ communities use variety of names to indicate sections and there may not be any rule to show you what each section is all about except, of course, just the name.
google plus clients
  • For instance, you’d know that sections like Member Introductions, Announcements, Promotions, Skill Recommendations, Jobs, Special Offers from Members and sections of such are meant for personal promotions. But to be sure, just make a quick click through these likely sections to see what members are posting there. So once you’ve identified the right sections for self promotions…
    • Make a post to tell members you are a professional writer and are available for new writing projects. But still, be subtle and professional and include a link to your portfolio or where they could see your work samples.

What happens is, when you share something in the community, all members that turned on notifications will get an alert about the new post. So doing these with at least 10 communities would sure give you instant exposure to people that may be in urgent need for your services. Sound like something you can do? Sure, get right to it!

Charles West is an experienced blogger and content writer since last 3 years. I have got writing skills especially in certification topics and technologies. I want to share with you that recently I successfully passed my 412-79 exam from VMware. Many thanks for reading this post.

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