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How to Ensure Result-Oriented Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the broader areas of marketing, which is evolving very rapidly. However, it faced tough challenges in the past decade due to spam emails. Initially, only filtration of emails by different email service companies (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc) proved to be a hurdle for email marketing experts. However, from the past few years, social media marketing has taken a large chunk of share of email marketing. Social media marketing is easy to target the clients and is reliable. However, the only disadvantage of social media marketing is its cost factor. Email statistics have shown that more than 60% of total emails sent everyday are spam emails. It means that you have to take number of strong steps in order to ensure that your email does not end up as a spam.

Email Marketing

Many companies still rely on email marketing, as it is easier through email marketing to reach the targeted potential customers. However, the experts of email marketing are continually working in decreasing the spam email problem. Many email users do not read any emails that are present in the spam box. Therefore, such practice does not make the user to differentiate between spam email and marketing email.

However, there are plenty of ways through, which you can increase the chances of your marketing email to reach the client inbox section. Here are some of the techniques:

Correct HTML Code

One of the reliable method to avoid your marketing email ending as a spam is to ensure a correct text and HTML code. HTML is the language for different web pages and based on this language, different browsers and email sites determine whether to sent email into spam or to inbox. You can make an inbox HTML for your marketing email by ensuring a good text embedded in your email. The text should contain only information and should be full of headings, unique words etc. Do not forget to give a good title and subject to email. Every minor detail matters and can make a difference.

Image and Text Balance

Avoid inserting many images. Images are surely one of the good means of marketing, but inserting images increases the probability that your email ends up as a spam. Keep a balance in the text and the images in your email. An email with a lot of text can also end up in a spam box.

Text Compatibility

Text compatibility is very important in email marketing. Remember you are sending the email to many people and you have no clue that which device your clients will use to open your email. Therefore, make your email in a simple HTML text format. The advantage of simple text email marketing is that, it can be easily opened on personal computers, laptops, cell phones and tablets. It will increase the chances that your email is read by the potential customers.

Optimal Size Recipient List

Sending email to a large list of clients can have make all of your efforts go in vain. It increases your chances that your emails end up in a spam box. In order to avoid such practice, send the email in groups so that your marketing remains more efficient.

Targeting Right Clients

Ensure that your email address list is correct and you are sending to the right people. If you are availing services of some company that is providing you with potential list of clients, make sure that the company is reliable and has a good record of accomplishment in the past.

Avoiding Spam Words

There are some common words in spamming, which should not be used in your email text. Use of any such words automatically transfers your email into spam box. Some of these words are trial, call now, save up to, free offer etc. Try to avoid such words and bring some uniqueness.

Make your own advertisement writing draft that is unique from all others. This will ensure that the readers read with interest and might contact you for further information.

Through these practices, you can increase your earnings and hence can get better results in your email marketing.

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