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How To Ensure Continuous Supply Of Content For Blog

One of the major problems faced by blog owners and content writers is “writers block”. Once the blog is set up and the initial contents and images are uploaded, the blogger or content writer might face difficulty finding new ideas for content. Since fresh ideas and regular updating is the key to getting recognized by google and also in letting your followers know that your blog is active, content writers are under constant stress to generate new concepts for the blog.

Let us explore few avenues for generating content for the blog

Local Read: Local newspapers and magazine can be the primary source of content for your blog. You can add your own opinion about some latest news or happenings. Similarly the news provided by television and radio talks can also be used as a base.

Other blogs: Websites like technorati has millions of blogs listed in it in various categories. Go to your specific category and figure out what others in your niche are writing about. Google blog search or searching blog directory helps you surf through the contents of related blogs.

Social Media: There are sites like yahoo answers where questions or problems are posted by people. These questions or problem can be taken as a basis for generating new contents. Groups in linkedin, facebook etc and the various categories in bookmarking sites like Digg, Reditt, Delicious etc can be source of ideas. Blogchat discussion in twitter is another great source.

Google Adword Keyword Tool: This tool provides information on the keywords used by visitors to reach your site. Content can then be created around this keyword.

Competitor website: Visit competitor website and figure out what contents they are having in their blog. Do not try to copy the content as it is an unethical practice. Try to grasp the idea behind the content, incorporate your opinion and try to come up with fresh content. Another idea would be to figure out the complaint people have about the competitor’s product and how your product helps in overcoming the complaint.

Older post: Summarize longer and related post from archive and then link back to the original ones for detailed reading. Another method would be to figure out topics having higher page view and then write content around that topic. The search terms used by visitors to find post can be another source for generating idea.

Content generation sites: There are sites like bagtheweb, constantcontent etc that provides ideas for writing contents.

Guest Blogging: Inviting guest bloggers not only provide you with new content but also opens up your blog to new readers. It increases the visibility of your blog as the followers of the guest blogger also starts visiting your blog.

Online Forum: Joining an online forum in the niche area is another way to obtain content topics. By taking part in forum discussion, one will get an idea as to what people are actually discussing about. The latest trend, opinion, suggestion etc of general public in niche area will be discussed in such forums.

Above all the readers can be a good source of information. The constructive comments, suggestions etc put forward by the readers can be a good source of content generation.

Author Bio:- Susan Johns is a freelance writer and guest blogger at http://www.bloggingtips.com

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