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How to Effectively Battle Threats to your Creativity?

Keep in mind that fear is a vital component of the creative process. If something is creative for real, then maybe it is not proven or known to the outside world, and we more often than not, fear something that is not known. If you are fearless when you set about designing something, knowing full well that it will work, it could be that it might not result into something creative in the truest sense of the word.

creativity threats

Let’s break each of the fear factors down, starting with time. Too little time is a big fear for many people.
An innovative way to stretch your time limit on a particular project is to just take a look at and start some of the work a few days before the deadline. Hence, this means that you would not have to put physical effort into the assignment till the last minute, but your mind will always be pondering over that project. Once you get acquainted with a particular problem, you subconsciously tend to keep looking for possible solutions.

On the other hand, there are people of the opinion that having too much of time on hand to finish a particular assignment creates unnecessary pressure. One thing that people can do when they have extra time is to start digging for ideas early on, and then get isolated from the problem for a considerable period of time. Problems with prospective solutions will keep striking you at any given point of time, which is not really a bad thing. Once again, keep a pen and paper handy.

Be prepared with a pen and a paper to jot down whatever strikes your mind, as such thoughts can go as easy as they come.

Time – One of the major aspects of fear can be the time factor. Meeting deadlines is a big fear for many people. However, if you look at the time factor, most great ideas are conceived in a mere second. Keeping this in mind will take a lot of pressure off you

Fear of Failure – Do not get bogged down by the early stumbles. Keep at it each time, with renewed vigor and determination and newer ideas, and be willing to take chances and prepared for the worst.

Keep judgment in check – This one is the last creative stumbling block. If you’re project is at the mercy of your superior’s judgment at every level, then this is something you cannot do much about. You need to keep thinking on the lines of what you’re boss or you’re head wants and learn to cope up with.

Battling Fear – Beat the odds by overcoming the negative aspects of time, stress and judgment. You will definitely come out tops against fear.

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