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How to Deal with the Online Negative Reviews? – 4 Ways to Convert it Into Positive

For all businesses, maintaining a good reputation is vital to the success of the business. Nowadays, potential customers will research a business online before they decide whether they want to buy from the business or not. People will research reviews and feedback about a business by Googling it, checking reviews on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Trip Adviser and even Facebook. Customers having the ability to leave a review about a business can help or hurt a business. Regardless of the kinds of reviews being left for a business whether good or bad, businesses should use them to help improve their business especially the negative reviews.

Negative Reviews to Positive

In order to find out about what people are saying about your business, you need to regularly check it online. This way you will be kept up-to-date about any negative online reviews you find. You can start by checking your own social media pages. This way if there are any concerns, you can address them right away. Also, you can set up a Google Alert by going to Google.com and set it for your business name. This way, anything new that is posted on Google, you will be emailed about where the information is and what was posted.

Now, if your business gets a negative online review, you can handle it by turning a negative experience into a beneficial impact for your business – Always stay positive.

  1. Determine if the Review is true – Investigate what the reviewer stated before taking any kind of action. You don’t know if it is a competitor trying to stir up something. You need to be able to show actual proof or facts in order to ask for something to be removed if it is not a real comment. If it is not a realistic comment, you can ask for the comment to be removed.
  1. Relax, Think before Reacting – Ignore the comment if the poster is using anger and it doesn’t look to be a serious comment. It is possible the comment may be able to be removed if the review site has a way to flag and report the comment. Unfortunately, people at times express their own opinions of how they feel about a business when the business may not have done anything wrong.
  1. Responding to the Comment – It is important to always remain calm and professional before responding to any negative comment. Replying publicly being professional and calm will show other readers you are handling the issue and shows others you care about your business. Now if for some reason, you do not agree with the reviewer who left the negative comment, you would probably want to respond back to them privately.
  1. Apologize – Regardless, it is always best to apologize for someone having a negative experience with your company. You want to admit to the mistake that was made and ask the person what you can do to help resolve the situation.

Be consistent and always engage with your reviewers, especially with the negative reviews. This will show your readers you really do care about your business, and it will make a big difference with how people overall perceive your business.   With being consistent, you will find that even with the negative reviews, it will end up turning it into a positive impact for your business. Just remember to always be positive when engaging with anyone online when it has to do with your business.

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