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How to Customize your WordPress Login and Dashboard Page Easily?

Now using Erident Custom Login and Dashboard plugin you can easily customize your WordPress Login page and dashboard. It is loaded with tons of features. You can add your logo to the login screen, able to change the background images, colors and styles with some simple clicks. There is an option to customize your dashboard footer also.

When you install this plugin, it will automatically load a default style to your login page. There is a settings tab for Erident Custom Login and Dashboard in WordPress Dashboard where you can make changes to this default styles. No matter if you update your wordpress version you changes will be save in the plugin, so you don’t need to manually customize login page.


It is really easy to install this plugin. Just goto your plugin page in WordPress dashboard and click add new. Now in the search box just type “erident” and hit search.
Boom! You can see Erident Custom Login and Dashboard plugin. Click Install . Thats it!




The plugin gives really great support through the support forum of WordPress. Check the Support Forum of Plugin. If you request a feature for this plugin, they will most probably add it in next version!


Click here to visit the plugin page and download

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  • Jasmine

    September 25, 2012, 11:25 am

    Erident Custom and Dashboard plugin looks really awesome. This will give your WordPress dashboard and login form some great character! I like the plugin.


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