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How to Customize Your Business Phone System

People often think that the new telephone systems are too complex to really understand. Nothing could possibly be further from the truth. The fact is that these are business systems. It’s the business objectives and requirements that should be calling the shots. Forget the techno and management science babble, focus on functionality and efficiency.

Phone System Customisation Basics: A Short Case Study

A “custom” phone system is a system which is designed to do exactly what you need it to do. This isn’t some sort of privilege. It’s a right of customers. Phone systems can be configured like any kind other information or communications system. Why should you pay for a phone system that actually prevents you from doing business efficiently, anyway?

Try this for a phone system horror story:

ABCDE Car Repairs is a franchise. They use an area system for calls and farm out the calls to the franchisees. Simple enough, you’d think, but they get a lot of calls and have a lot of franchises. To add to this situation, their phone system, which was a true dinosaur, has a queue system which was appreciated by nobody, particularly the ABCDE operators, who wound up with annoyed customers and a lot of dropout calls.

ABCDE and their franchisees figured out the phone system was losing them enough customers to justify getting a new one. (The final straw was when the CEO couldn’t get through to his own office dialling his own extension, which was socked in with customers complaining about the service.) They tried just unplugging the old phone system, but the sheer number of calls needed better management. They also discovered that the human operators on the other end were definitely getting more business, but they obviously needed a better phone system to manage the volume of calls.

They called in a phone system supplier. The supplier saw the problems almost before they explained them, and suggested a private server and contact center system. The private server is a dedicated server which takes the load off the main phone system. The contact center is a special operational system which manages calls on a directed contact approach using dedicated numbers and lines.

The result was spectacular. Call waiting times almost disappeared, simply by cutting out all the extra steps in the call processes. The average call waiting time went down from a truly ridiculous 7 minutes (the longest recorded call wait was 58 minutes) to 40 seconds with the longest wait at 5 minutes.  Franchisees reported a 9% increase in new business in the same period.

How to Customise Your Phone System

ABCDE was really suffering from a system which simply couldn’t do anything they needed it to do. The fact is that business phone systems must be customized to achieve maximum efficiency. It really is a matter of adapting the phone system to core business needs.

If you want a really efficient phone system, don’t guess about what needs doing. Call in a phone system supplier and let them pin down the issues properly. You’ll be stunned at what can be achieved with very basic system modifications.

Author Bio:- Kushal Tomar is a freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including Telephone systems and Business phone systems.

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