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How to Create the Perfect Email Campaign for your Business?

Emails aren’t just for passing on messages to employees because an email campaign can strengthen the relationship which you have with your customers and leads who could bring in sizeable revenue. If you haven’t created an email campaign for your business before, here’s how it can be done.

Know what your goals are

The purpose of every email which is sent can be different from each other. You might want some clients to answer questions in an online survey whereas other customers could be asked for their feedback on a particular story which is relevant to your company. In each email, important information should be at the top of an email. If an email is skim-read by the person who opens it, they are more likely to see the information which they should pay attention to.

Change the template for every campaign

If an email’s template is similar to the last one and it was sent to many people, it appears stale, especially if an ineffective template has been used for all campaigns. You don’t have to completely change an email template’s design because minor alterations can be made and it will still be different.

Don’t send email campaigns from a generic email address

If your clients or leads receive an email which has been sent from a generic address, it could go to their junk folder. Even if they have received emails before from your personal email address, their spam filter might classify a generic address as junk. The email address which an email campaign is run from should be personalised. Therefore, the chances of your messages being deemed as junk are minimalized.

Consider the content

There is a lot of information which can be in an email such as coupons, company announcements and links to white papers. Emails which are sent to leads could mention awards which your company has won recently for customer service or a project that it was involved in. They might not know about such accolades and could be very impressed.

Only have a few images

If an email is sent to many people and it contains a considerable number of images, it can get blocked by firewalls or rejected because the inbox of the person that it is sent to is nearly full. By having no more than five images per email, there is a greater chance that it will be sent.

Customise an email signature

An email signature is a great opportunity for you to include positive information about your company. Awards and other accolades could feature as well as the address of your LinkedIn account. If an email is sent to a lead, they are able to find out more information about you by looking on your account.

Test your email

Just like proofreading a Word document, you should check that your email is presented in the way you want. By sending an email to yourself, you can check through it and make adjustments if they are needed. Therefore, you can carry out an email campaign in confidence because each email appears as you want it to.

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