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How to Create an Appealing Banner Design?

A web banner is an extension of a web page. It not only attracts the viewers but also adds value in your web page. A banner design can severely affects how your website looks to the viewers. While a well-crafted banner attracts the viewers, a poorly-designed banner can do just the opposite. It can irritate or confuse the customers that will ultimately make them skip the page. You can avoid these scenarios by creating an appealing banner design.

For an appealing banner design, the key is consistency. Unless your web banner is uniform in fonts, style and layout, it is unlikely that it attracts the viewers. Similarly, the banner design must complement your website and other online resources of your business. To know various other technicalities for creating an appealing banner design, you must read on this helpful guide.

Here are a few effective tips that will guide you to create an appealing banner design:

  • Use a graphic tool to create the layout and design of your banner design. Identify what you want to put across through the banner design and then plan your concept accordingly. Whatever your product idea is, it must look outstanding and apart from the regular.
  • Use ‘CALL TO ACTION’ buttons in the banner. Tell the visitors what exactly they need to do to get your product. Your instructions would guide them to buy your product. Therefore, use buttons like “BUY NOW’ or ‘CLICK HERE’ to motivate them for a purchase.
  • Convey your message in the simplest language possible. Use the ‘K.I.S.S.’ technique which stands for “Keep It Simple and Stupid”. Make your banner design simple and precise, avoiding unnecessary information. Keep your writing straight and to the point.
  • Sketch your banner design in such a way that it complements with your website theme. Use color schemes and patterns that can blend with the website. This will create a uniform overall look of your website and will make it look consistent. Do not use effects that contrast with the web page design.
  • Consider the graphic elements of the banner, such as its size and pixels value. Keep the file size at optimum level for lower loading time. Reduce the file size if necessary but not at the cost of its integrity. The pixel value of your banner must match with your web page layout. Your web banner must be large but not to the extent that it overshadows the web page.


  • For an intriguing web banner design, the key is brevity and simplicity. While an animated banner is distracting and irritating, a simple static banner will look sophisticated and pleasing to the eyes.
  • To create uniformity and consistency in your banner design, you must use the same color schemes throughout its design. Colors tend to lose their integrity when converted into different mediums.
  • Make several versions of a banner design before finalizing one. Use different versions and then check their CTR (Click Through Rates) results. This will give you a good idea of the overall efficacy of a particular version.
  • Try to focus more on commercial value of a banner ad than artistic aspects. Your ultimate goal is to attract the customers to buy a product.
  • Use Google Images only to take inspiration and get some fascinating ideas. Never plagiarize ideas from others. Only an original and unique banner design makes your brand valuable and trustworthy.
  • Do not complicate your banner with irregular shapes and images. A well-designed banner is simple and appealing.
  • Do not save your file in ‘JPEG’ format as this will affect the transparency of your banner design.

Madona Cruise is a writer and designer. She writes blogs on designing and education. She loves to design logos and give her impressive idea on logo designing at Logo Pearl. You can find her on Facebook.

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  • Robbie Jones

    July 31, 2013, 1:09 am

    I had never given designing a banner design so much thought, but your post has made me actually realize how effective a good banner design can be. I am tempted to plagiarize a good idea at times, but as you also have advised, I do my best to resist that temptation.


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