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How to Create a Presence for Your Business Online?

Starting a business online is now as easy as clicking your mouse just a few times and bam – your company is already available on the internet. But, those who think setting up a website is the end and expect it to become a rich tech company are just dreaming. For a company to become successful on the internet, it has to have a presence that is worth reckoning with. Gaining this type of presence online is not an easy thing though. You have to find every avenue you can use to market your startup and get a very huge base of fan/followers or users, as it may apply to your business.

You might not know some quick ways to make your online business to become the next big hit, but by following the tips I’m sharing below, you will be very close to making your business a successful one.


One of the major internet traffic contributors for startups and internet companies is the search engine. Getting traffic to your business website from search engines requires that you do what is called search engine optimization – a process whereby you make your site ready for search traffic. This can be done by using other sites to build your relevance on search sites and also by using optimized keywords in your blog content.

With the complexities SEO has developed over time, you should not expect your sites to rank easily and become so popular on search sites like Google if you are not dedicated to following the rules set by search sites.

Social Media Marketing

It’s not only when you are a PR company that you have to use social media marketing as a means of bringing your business into limelight. Social media users are always engaging on whatever social platform they find themselves and if you can get these set of users to become yours, they’ll keep your business engaged till it grows beyond limits.

Take your business to Facebook and Twitter, and fit into a niche that your business falls into, build a following for your online business and let these fans do the rest.

If you want your business to get relevant recognition on social networking sites, you have to share relevant tips with your fans and followers. Looking for shortcuts that will help you gain more likes and retweets will only hurt the progress of your business.


On a final note, blogging stands to be the best way you can use content to market your business online. There are several benefits you can gain when you use the content you provide on a blog to promote your business.

The content you provide can come in any form, but you have to ensure that they do the following:

  • Pass information that contains solutions to a problem your potential users are facing.
  • Are shareable and can gain the traction needed to draw more users to your business.
  • Are original and not plagiarized,

With the tips I’ve shared with you, you should be able to take your business to a whole new level.

Author Bio:- James is an internet marketer and freelance writer who guest posts for BottlePR, you can click here to learn more about them.