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How to Crack Corporate Networks with a Spy Computer the Size of an Altoid Tin

With this new invention by a curios researcher company may make it mandatory for people to not only set aside their pack of mints but also open and verify that the contents are simple old mints and not mini super hacking computers.

The super small spy computer, lovingly named by its developer Kevin Bong as the Mini Pwner, is in fact a powerful little router. Bong is by a profession a penetration tester and researches in the field of security. This is his own little development and was in fact brought to life to help him with his day to day work in the field. The mini pwner is a little spy computer much smaller than the average smartphone in fact so small that it can literally fit in to a regular tin of Altoids. This device’s size also makes it very easy to get through security or some place were it wouldn’t be very convenient to get a full sized computer or laptop in, and stored in a tin of mints it’s the perfect camouflage. Its main purpose and feature is to provide Bong access to a company’s corporate network, and to get it going all you need to do is plug it into the nearest Ethernet port. Once it’s plugged in it will start relaying information to a nearby hacker over its Wi-Fi signal. Even thought his is a bit of home engineering Bong has put the mini hacking computer up for sale, for $99 you get the neat little spy device and its kit. Though if you are one from the do it yourself crowd there is also an option that you would enjoy. On Bongs website he has explained in detail the ingredients you will need and the correct procedure for you to bring to life your own Mini pwner. All you need to put it together is a regular TP-Link router which is running the open source OpenWRT software; you will also need a battery pack and a USB flash drive. All the components together will cost you less than $40.

With a few modifications to the right electronics you will be looking at a network scrambling device which is a mere two inch square with a thickness of an inch. If you really want to go all nine yards you can further modify this gadget and remove it from the routers plastic casing and put together again to be small enough to fit in a regular Altoids tin. This souped up version of the mini pwner Bong calls the Minty pwner. However the developer does mention that its nest to take it out of the mint box when you have to use it as the metal would interfere with signals.

The name of the device originates from normal hacker lingo “to pwn” which literally means to hack into something. However as Bong is a penetration tester it is part of his job to test various systems and networks of clients for security loopholes and vulnerabilities which need amending. Once the mini pwner is set up through either a Ethernet port around the office or possibly a server closet or even into the regular IP phone, the device will start executing simple scanning tools which include dSniff and Nmap which give the attacker the power to map out the companies entire network and while he is at it also gather information. The device can even create a VPN connection to allow a hacker in the parking lot to create a tunnel in to the network in question and from there run any hacking tools he wishes to.

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