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How to Connect Your PS3 to the Internet

There are tow main ways to connect your PS3 to the internet; Wireless and Wired connectivity. In this tutorial you will learn how to connect your PS3 to the internet using both of these methods.

Connecting Your PS3 to The Internet Via Wired Connectivity

Keep in mind that the connection speeds and overall gaming quality you experience will depend largely upon the kind of router you have, and what kind of internet service you have. If you would like to connect your PS3 to the internet, while also having your computer connected to the internet then you will need a router to accomplish this. Usually connecting your PS3 to the internet with an ethernet cable is as simple as plugging everything in where it belongs. However, sometimes the default settings are not correct, and you may need to make some minor adjustments. Follow these instructions to make sure the settings allow for a wired connection to the internet.

1. First you will need to open the “Settings” menu and then click “Network Settings”.

2. Then select “Internet Connection Settings”.

3. Select “Yes” when met with a prompt to terminate internet connection.

4. Now, select “Wired Connection”.

5. Select “Easy” settings and you are done!

Connecting your PS3 to the Internet Via Wireless Connectivity

The network configuration and connection depends on the connection method and equipment you have.

To do this you will need an Internet connection, a cable modem, and a wireless router. You’ll also need the certain information such as SSID, WEP key, and WPA key. Before you connect your PS3 to the internet wirelessly, you’ll need to change a few settings. Follow these instructions to make the correct changes.

1. Open the “Settings” menu and then select “Network Settings”

2. Select “Internet Connection Settings”. Select “Yes” when prompted.

4. Now select “Wireless”

5. Select “Scan”.

6. Once the scan is complete you will see a list of wireless networks. Choose your wireless network and continue. Confirm your choice and select your desired security settings.

9. Enter in the network password f there is one. If not just leave it blank and continue.

10. Finally select “Easy” settings.

If the “Easy” settings option does not work, then you may need to contact your ISP and have them help you with adjusting the settings in advanced mode. Once you have connectivity to the internet you can enjoy online gaming and even browse the internet. If this tutorial did not help you, then try using Advanced settings instead, and call your ISP for extra help. They should be able to walk you through the entire process without a problem.

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