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How to Come Up With Exciting and Interesting Blog Topics…Even If Your Subject Matter Isn’t!

Coming up with blog topics is no easy task, especially if you think your subject matter is boring. You need to come up with topics that are relevant, while also being interesting and thought provoking. Keeping readers focused and wanting more is the key to success when writing a blog. Finding topics to write about as well keeping them interesting is a difficult process for some people, so let’s lay out a few great ways to jazz your topics up.

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Look To Others for Inspiration

If you’re drawing a blank when you sit down to write your next blog topic, search around the Internet for what others in your field are writing about. This doesn’t mean to copy what someone else has written, but use the topics for inspiration and put your own spin on a similar idea.

Use Generic Templates as a Stepping Stone

If the topic just isn’t flowing to you, use some simple generic questions to help unlock the floodgates. For example, questions like, “What things do my customers want and do I have advice for them?”, “what kinds of ideas will make my customers/audience want to contact me/buy my products/support my interests?” Using simple questions such as these can go a long way in helping to jog new ideas for topics.

Find New Ways to Relate

When your somewhat dull product needs some sprucing up, look to write a post relating it to something fresh and exciting. Not every post has to be straight to the point of the product or subject matter. For instance, if your blog is about office supplies, write an article about how celebrities use their offices. Linking your topics to things that everyone can relate to is always a great start.

Think Outside the Box

Much like the last piece of advice, don’t be afraid to go outside the boundaries of what normally constitutes your blog topics. Finding new and fascinating ways to make your topics interesting is of course the name of the game. Many people fear bending or even breaking the rules, but it’s crossing boundaries that open your mind to coming up with interesting and exciting topics. A great way to start this process is to brainstorm. Get a sheet a paper and write down every word that comes to mind when you think of your subject matter. You’ll be surprised with the things you come up with.

Ask Others for Feedback

Most importantly, when you’re unsure of a topic’s interest or excitement factor, ask others to help gauge that for you. When you’re so engrossed in your product or subject matter, it is sometimes difficult to be able to tell when your topics go from dull to fascinating or fascinating to dull. Never be afraid to ask those around you for helpful advice, and comments left by readers on the topics you write will give the best feedback you could ask for.

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