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How to Choose The Best Video Card For Your PC

Do you want to upgrade your video card on your PC, but don’t know which one to purchase?  When it comes to gaming, having a quality video card (also called a GPU or graphics card) is by far the most important aspect of your computer. If playing modern games is your goal, you should not purchase a cheap video or graphics card.

One of our favorite websites for checking and comparing video cards is www.videocardbechmark.net.  The site has tested all the major video cards and gives them a score based on performance. The score is based on how well the video card performed during their rigorous testing. Generally, if a video card has a score of over 4000, it’s top of the line and can handle any modern game on “high” or “ultra” settings. They include prices, but do not actually sell anything.  I recommend buying your new video card from Newegg, Amazon, or Ebay.

When you visit the Video Card Benchmark home page, you will have various options to click including “budget cards”, ‘low end”, ‘high end”, and “mid range”.  If your budget is low, check out the “budget cards” section to see the best cards that are the lowest prices.

If you’re trying to find a particular video card on the videocardbenchmark.net site, use Google to find the page for that particular model. For example, if you would like to see the rating for the card GeForce GTX 670, go to Google, and type: site:videocardbenchmark Geforce GTX 670.  This will pull up the specific page for that GPU, and you’ll be able to get a benchmark rating and average price for the card.  You can use this method to find the score for your current video card, so you can compare it to the new one you are interested in purchasing.

Before buying your new GPU, it’s important to make sure it’s compatible with your computer.  Check how much wattage your PC’s power source provides. The new and higher end video cards require a power source of 500 watts or higher. Before purchasing a new GPU, check out the wattage requirements, and make sure your power source has enough power.  You might have to remove your current video card before upgrading, to ensure you have enough wattage to power the new GPU.

Modern video cards use the PCI express slots to connect to the motherboard.  Before buying a new graphics card, ensure you have an open PCI express slot on your motherboard, and that is big enough to fit your new graphics card.  You might have to remove your current card in order to get a free PCI express slot that will fit your new graphics card.

The high end graphics cards tend to have very large dimensions, so you will need to check that your computer will have enough space inside for the new card. If the case/tower is too small or has too many components inside that are taking up space, you won’t have enough room for the new video card.

Do you have a specific game in mind that you want to play, but don’t know if the video card you are planning on buying will be able to handle it? Use Google to search for other users’ experiences with that particular video card and game.  For example, if you want to make sure you can play Diablo 3 with the Radeon HD 7870, then search Google for Radeon HD 7870 Diablo 3.  You will then be able to see forum posts and users’ experiences with that particular game and GPU.

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