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How to Choose the Best Computer Hardware for your PC?

Computers are a great asset to posses as they make our work easier and help us do things faster and more accurate. These same computers however can cause serious headaches when they malfunction. To make you computer serve you well with less issues or faults, you need to know how to choose the best computer hardware. Find below useful information in selecting the best and most compatible PC components.

Computer case

Nowadays computer casings come in different style, color, functionality and shape. Don’t choose by outward appearance because that might be deceitful; choose your case because of the functionality inside it. You also need to consider the quality, which is determined by the thickness of the material and the sturdiness of the machine. It is important also to check the cooling, vibration transfer control and the compatibility with other hardware like the mother board.

The motherboard

The motherboard houses the brain that controls the entire computer system so you have to be especially careful with this one. Basically there are two brands of motherboard; Intel and AMD, and each of them has different types of motherboard type. Whatever brand or type of motherboard you want to choose, the most important thing to consider is the processor you’re using and the core size. Also, ensure that you choose the appropriate memory and form factor.

Hard drive

The hard drive stores all the information that make your computer functions so it is also very important. First you must decide the storage capacity that you need or require; this is rated in gigabytes (GB). Hard drives are available from 10GB to more than 500GB depending on what you want to use the computer for. You should also consider the type of connection for your hard drive. Older hard drives use PATA or parallel connection which makes the PC slow. It is better to take advantage of the new SATA connection by buying hard drive that is SATA compatible.

Sound and video cards

The output value of the graphics and sound that your computer delivers is determine by the video and sound cards. When choosing your video card you must consider resolution and video speed. If you’re doing simple word processing and spreadsheet you might not need more than 8MB. But if you’re someone that does daily website updating, graphics designs, 3D animation or you’re a gamer, you need to choose a graphics card of between 8MB and 16MB. Onboard audio comes with your motherboard so you need to check if it is adequate before you buy extra. You must also ensure that you buy the right bus structure which can either be 16-Bit or 32-Bit. An inexpensive pair of speakers is also good to make sound better.

Keyboard and mouse

These are the most used computer hardware therefore you need to make sure that you buy the ones that are strong and of mechanical and moving parts. Ergonomic keyboards and mouse with wheel- or intelli- are highly recommended because they make your browsing hassle free and fun. Laser and optical mouse are also great and you’ll find them more interesting if you’re a regular user.

Author Bio:– Danny writes on topics related to technology. Currently writing for Rosh-Tech IT a Gold Coast IT support company in Australia.

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