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How to Boost Your Folder Browsing Speed and Eliminate Delayes

boost folder browsing speedIf you want to speed up your work on your computer, then you should tune your computer and make it speedy. It is very necessary to boost the speed of your computer and avoid it from being hanging and crashing. Hanging and crashing may be caused due to registry errors, therefore always rectify all the errors associated with your computer.

As for as boosting your computer is concern, folder browsing also plays very important role in XP performance. Folder Browsing speed can be boost in XP by Un checking Printer check box, which make delays in folder browsing.Although Window 7 don’t need tweaking like this, because window 7 is more advanced and enhanced then XP, but for those who are using XP can use the below trick to boost the speed of folder browsing.

How to Boost Folder Browsing Speed in XP

1. Open My Computer
2. Click on Tools menu
3. Click on Folder Options
4. Click on the View tab.
5. Uncheck the Automatically search for network folders and printers check box
6. Click Apply
7. Click Ok
8. Reboot your computer

These little changes can improve your XP performance and make you work easy for you. After applying the above steps, try cleaning your computer using CCleaner and Advance System Care to eliminate all errors from you computer and make your computer more speedy.