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How to Boost Your Business with Pinterest

Pinterest, as a new social media platform, dramatically boosts page views for websites. Any business that is focused on driving a high-volume of website traffic to increase sales should consider joining Pinterest.

For those who still not realize how this new social platform can be used to increase traffic and sales for your business, there are some basic tips to help to start and boost your business with pinterest.

Most of All, Think about Whether Pinterest Makes Sense for Your Site

We all know that an image can be worth a thousand words and this is probably why the relatively new social network Pinterest is continuing to gain popularity all around the world. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, you need to consider whether Pinterest is suitable for your business, if not directly, you need to find out creative way to make a connection between your business and Pinterest. Or else, you will lose lots of potential customers.

Second, Think about How Your Customers Are Using It

After joining Pinterest, you need to figure out how your current and future customers are using it, and what they are looking for. By knowing these, you can then create boards accordingly.

There are more than thirty categories on Pinterest. Make sure every board is a match with exact category, for example, “tattoo models” matches “tattoos” category, “wedding dress” matches “wedding” category. According to your business, create as many boards mathing different categories as you can. The best one business related board matches every Pinterest category.

Third, Make Full Use of the Description of Each Pin

When creating boards and pinning images, make sure to have description for each board and pin. Business and product related description not only make your boards and pins more informative and interesting, but also increase your search optimization. With proper and unique description, you will get ideal position on Pinterest search results.


Armed with these three basic tips, and get creative according to your specific business and products, you will easily build your brand name, gain followers, and guide your fellow Pinterest users to your business site.

Author Bio:- This guest post is written by Karen Lee. She is an SEO at YOYBUY.COM. YOYBUY is one of the oldest and most reliable taobao shopping agents in China, helping foreign people buy items from almost all Chinese online shops (B2C).

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