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How to Benefit From Hidden Relationship Between Web Hosting, Analytics and SEO

The web is a complex eco-system where many factors are interlinked – that’s why it’s called a web. There are many things happening behind the scene. Mostly we never bother about these things and sometimes they are beyond our understanding. In this post I will touch upon the relationship between web hosting, Google Analytics and SEO.

How to know what’s happening behind the scene?

Most of us play blind man’s bluff with our blog. Our approach is simple. We write interesting posts and do some simple SEO. Then we sit back and passively look at visitors and count their numbers. Other than this we hardly know how the guys coming to our blog are interacting. This obviously is unacceptable. However there is a simple way out of it – Google Analytics. This is free tool which can magically reveal everything which is happening behind the scene. Moreover it’s simple to use. You have to copy one little snippet of code and paste it in your blog. For WordPress bloggers, there is a nifty plug-in which does the job.

An example of how Google Analytics works?

Once my web server was overloaded (doesn’t happen often with my host though) due to heavy traffic and this slowed down the page load time. As a result, the visitor count started dipping significantly. This fact was revealed by Google Analytics which monitors all aspects of a blog or website. My search engine optimization was also impacted because of slow page download. My bounce rate also went up. I was saved because I identified the problem and resolved it quickly.  You can well imagine what would have happened if I didn’t have Google Analytics. This is what I mean when I say that you can benefit from understanding the hidden relationship between, Web host, Google Analytics and SEO.

More on Google Analytics and SEO

Both Analytics and Search belong to Google. Google gets feedback from Analytics and uses the results to improve their search algorithm. In this effort, Google has revealed how it actually ranks websites. A good example is bounce rate. If a person clicks on a link from search results (which depends on keywords he has punched) and lands on your blog, he is expected to get fulfillment. Fulfillment happens when he gets information he is looking for. If he doesn’t get what he is looking for, he will not venture into any of your other pages and will abort your site. This is called bounce rate. If the bounce rate of your site is high, it means people are not finding what they are looking for. Naturally Google is going to get angry with you and your SEO efforts would be neutralized. This bounce rate can be seen through Google Analytics.


Google Analytics sits at   center of the web. You can monitor various aspects of your blog or site using this tool. The performance of your web host or server can be observed and you can take corrective action. This will improve your SEO.

Author Bio:- Mariana Fang Lin spends most of her time writing about the web hosting industry including  Simple hosting . Follow her on Twitter here.

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  • Adil

    June 19, 2012, 11:35 am

    nice one. I don’t knew about the bounce rate. Thank now I got the Idea. Secondly with reading your posts, I am observing the Google rank system is much much sophisticated. But again its good that due to the this ranking system we all are enable to play fair game.

  • Sohel Parvez

    June 19, 2012, 12:11 am

    Off-Course Google Analytic Highly related to SEO, also I use Google Analytic for measure website Social Media presence.


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