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How To Become An Entrepreneur When You Graduate

Become An Entrepreneur When You Graduate

Being a graduate, we ask ourselves for many times: “What do we want to do after school?” It was difficult for adults to answer this question clearly. Over the time, we changed the decision many times about which branch of science or production we’re specialized in. It’s hard to decide and choose from hundreds of professions one, that suits you the best. But if you want to be a businessman or businesswoman, you need to become an entrepreneur, and in this article, we’ll provide you with the information on how to do it right after school. To become the entrepreneur, you, firstly, need to know the definition of business education. Read more essays and information about entrepreneurs after graduation you can see on this page. It’s a systematic and in-depth knowledge of business administration, as well as relevant skills of the middle and senior manager in various business areas. An exciting business that you like is an important part of happiness in life. Then you need to take into account the need to earn a living.

Many analysts recommend to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are individuals with full civil capacity, not limited by the law of legal capacity, who are registered in the manner prescribed by law as subjects of entrepreneurial activity and directly perform such activities (produce products, perform work, render services), and are responsible for their obligations to all property belonging to them.

What do you need for becoming an entrepreneur?

The right to be an entrepreneur is an inalienable right of every non-disabled citizen. Citizens with full civil capacity, that are those who have reached the age of 16 (in this case, the written consent of the parents or adopters, the consent of the trustee or the consent of the guardianship bodies), or adult citizens, that are those who have reached the age of 18, have the right to engage in entrepreneurial activity. The status of an individual entrepreneur, such a citizen, acquires only after the state registration.

There are certain restrictions for engaging in entrepreneurial activities for a certain circle of citizens. It’s forbidden to be an entrepreneur for citizens who work in the civil service (they are civil servants), it’s prohibited to engage in business with employees of the law enforcement agencies (employees of the prosecutor’s office, court, SBU, police). It’s also prohibited to engage in the entrepreneurial activity of members of the armed forces who are currently serving.

The registration of a sole proprietor is carried out by the state registration authorities, namely, state registrars. Registration is possible only at the place of residence of the citizen. The place of residence is the address indicated in the passport.

Important information you need to know.

The most optimal and popular way is the filing of documents personally, because, in this case, you need a minimum package of documents. If registration takes place through an authorized person, it must have an additional notarized power of attorney with the indication of authority.

All documents should be accepted by the state registrar on the description, and a copy, with a note on the date of receipt of the documents, must be issued to the applicant or sent by registered mail.

If the state registrar refuses to conduct a state registration of a private limited company, he must provide a motivated notice specifying the reasons for such a refusal, and must do it no later than the next working day, after receiving a package of documents from the applicant, and return all documents submitted to him.

The most amazing work will not please you if you are starving. Also, there is a very urgent problem of unemployment: you need to choose a sphere, in which it’s possible to make good money.


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