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How to Backup your Blogger Widgets and Template Manually?

New bloggers often make changes to there Template file, because they always look for tweaks and new look for their blogs. In this process they often lose the widgets. Some time you may lose the whole template code. So it is strongly advised to Back up your Template on regularly basis and before making any changes make sure to save your template code in your computer.

If you have lots of widgets in your blog then it is better to save the whole template. OR if there is 3 or 4 widget in your blog. Then you can only save the widgets.

How to Save and Backup blogger Template and Widgets?

In the first method we are going to save only widgets. For backing up your widgets just Login to blogger Dash Board and click on Layout. Here you will see all the Widgets.

Backup blogger widget and template
Click on the Edit button for every Widgets and copy all the code inside widgets. Then paste it in a Notepade file and save the file in your computer.


It will only save those widgets which have  HTML code. This will not work for all other widgets like Recent Post, Recent Comments, Profile etc

For that you will have to save the whole Template code.

Backup Template

Open your blog in a browser and click on the View button. Now click on Page Source. You will see a new window containing your blog template codes.

Copy all the code and paste it in a notepad file and save the file.

Alternatively you can also store the template code by clicking on the “Backup/Restore” located at the top right side of the “Template” page.

In this way you will get a backup for the whole template coding. Not the whole blog coding, but only the designing and widgets.

Backup the entire Posts

If you want to backup the whole blog, then you need to go to the Setting>Other option from your blog Dash Board and there you can see a option for Import blog – Export blog – Delete blog under the Blog Tools. Click on the Export option and save the whole posts in your computer.

Before making any changes always save your template, make sure to backup your blog widget or the whole template on regularly basis.

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