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How to Add Retweet Button in WordPress?

Twitter is growing and every one is looking to increase the number of followers on twitter. Currently there are 500 million registered users o twitter and every day 340 million tweets are sent. It is a wonderful place to share your stories with the whole world. However to get more traffic from twitter, you need a Retweet button on your blog, so that your readers can RT your latest stories.
Here is the step by step tutorial to display retweet button in your wordpress blog.

add retweet button to wordpress blog

How to add Retweet Button?

First Method:- Go to your blog DashBoard>Appearance>Editor and click on single.php file.

Copy the code below.

<script type=”text/javascript”>
tweetmeme_source = ‘techmaish‘;
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://tweetmeme.com/i/scripts/button.js”> </script>

and paste in the single.php file. Make sure to place in the area wheer you want to display it.

Don’t forget to change Tech Maish to your Twitter username and save your Tamplate.

Second Method:- This is the easiest way to add Retweet button.

Download  Tweetmeme Plugin and install in your plugin directory and activate the plugin.

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