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How to Add Personality to Your Local Business Website

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Webeden.co.uk expertise is to make websites for local businesses. Here are some essential tips from the author about how to give a small website a bit of personality, and start to engage your visitors.

add personality to website

1. Give your website a blog

A blog is the easiest way to add personality to your website. It shows that sitting bind the dry, factual information beats the hearts of a real business run by real people. A blog is an open conversation between you – the website owner, and your website visitors. You can use it to showcase your knowledge. And by allowing comments, you allow the conversation to be two way.

Another important factor here is that a blog allows you to quickly and easily add fresh information – called content – to your website. You can do it yourself – no need to involve your web designer. And if there’s one thing that search engines like, it’s a website with lots of fresh content, e.g. search engines are much more likely to rank your website high up in the result pages if you provide them with a lot of fresh content.

2. Newsletter sign up form

A newsletter sign up form can help your website in two different ways.

95% of people who visit your website will leave, never to return. That might be because they don’t like what they find, or it might be because they’re not ready to buy. A newsletter sign up form lets visitors register their interest in your site and products without having to buy anything. So as a website owner you get more from your visitors than a departure.

The names that are gathered by your newsletter sign up form will form the rich source of leads to your website. You can regularly showcase your knowledge and personality by emailing them with news, information and updates.

3. Twitter Feed

Every small business owner should have a Twitter account. With Twitter you can have a public conversation with your customers and website visitors. You might use Twitter to promote your latest offers or promotions, highlight your most recent blog post, tackle their customer services issues, or point them towards interesting and relevant content elsewhere on the web.

Thanks to their open API, it’s really easy to add your Twitter profile to your website. This shows your regular website visitors that you are active, interesting and dynamic, and makes it easy for them to follow you on Twitter.

4. Social bookmarking buttons

Social bookmarking buttons often look like a series of small icons that run along the bottom or side of a webpage. They are often paired with the text ‘share this’.

They make it really easy for your website visitors to share your website and content on third party websites. These websites might be social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, or social bookmarking sites like Digg or Stumbleupon.

When users press these buttons, they link to these third party sites and allow the user to say ‘I like this site’ or ‘I am sharing this site’. They’re a great way to virally spread the word about your website.

5. Facebook ‘like’ button

Thanks to what’s called the ‘Facebook Open Graph’, thousands of websites now have Facebook style thumbs-up buttons. If you press one of these, they introduce a status update for that user that states that they ‘like’ that website and service. As with social bookmarking buttons, these are a great way to virally spread the word about your website.

6. Email to a friend

One of the very first online sharing tools, an ’email to a friend’ tool is still an effective way to allow your website visitors to recommend it to others. People value the advice of others they know above any other source, so these type of recommendations to visit your site are some of the most effective.

That’s all for now
In the first article we gave you an essential checklist for every small business. If you include the recommendations from this article, your small business website will start to develop a real personality too.

Author Bio:- The Webeden free website builder lets you make a website instantly even if you’re a complete beginner. You can sell products, upload your own videos, choose from hundreds of templates available and even integrate your blog.

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  • Hieu Martin@Blog Tips

    August 4, 2010, 4:04 am

    Great way to get more traffic. Thanks Bilal

  • Vinay

    August 1, 2010, 5:03 am

    These are the best tips each and every blog or website holder should know!! Thanks for putting these points in very understanding manner buddy 🙂

  • blinkky

    July 31, 2010, 6:59 pm

    I really agree with the first one. The most great way to get traffic =)


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