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How to Add Google Plus Tabs To Your Pages

Google plus is the newest of social media trend. While economists tell that Facebook might fall out after some time. Google Plus is surely secure till the next two decades. That is why your following and engaging stories on Google Plus are worth mentioning everywhere. Especially where you live the most…….. Facebook

Though i always pay more attention to Google Plus. The reason that you should too….. is that Google Plus also have more importance in search results. If shared and promoted properly. It can also help in SEO.

Facebook Pages all look like one. No doubt! But, there are those tabs that can make your page look better and more engaging than your competitor’s page. After all, it is where people spend hours of their important time and you are boring them? That’s not nice. What’s nice is adding a Google Plus Tab to your facebook page.

So, lets get back where we started. Adding a Google Plus Tab to Facebook Page. The facebook page will show all the activities by you on Google Plus. One more important feature is that you can  simply pull back permissions of those people who you want to avoid the activity being shown. You can also enable Fangate which lets a user see the activity only when he have liked the page.

First of all, You need to be having these

  • A Facebook Page
  • A Google Plus page or Profile.

Adding a Google Plus Tab To Your Facebook Page

  1. Just go to your facebook page. And Switch to it. You can also do this by selecting the page from your dropdown.
  2. You will need a Google Plus page or profile to add to the facebook tab Go to the app. You will see the following page.

google plus tab

3. That was easy, now select your facebook page from the dropdown. And add the Google Plus ID to the form. You can find it here.

google plus id

4. We are almost finished. Now, just select the number of activities to show. The better would be 7. Ok. Now, the page has been configured and ready to go.

5. Now, you will be able to add the tab to your page. That is another easy task. Just select the down arrow on your facebook page and drag the google plus tab to the top four (so that it becomes visible).

plus tab

See……Isn’t that adorable that you have your own Google Plus Tab in your Facebook Page. That looks a bit cute and makes your page more engaging than others’. By default. The page also have a nice stream that is visible to all of your fans. And is easy to discover!

sample post

That image shows an example of posts that will be shown in your Google Plus Stream. Have Fun!

Author Bio:- This is a Guest Post by Aman Singh  manages roofers in katy texas. Thanks for reading the post and please don’t forget sharing, After all, we have helped you with social media.

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