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How the Top 5 IT Trends do Affects the IT Department

In today’s ever changing technology world, nothing is permanent even in the IT department. It is because every now and then the IT trends are continuously innovating in order to cope up with the technology-centric world. In this sense, it is important to explore and know the top 5 IT trends that are in the front lines. Likewise, it is also necessary to know the challenges as well as the major opportunities these trends to offer.

A Tectonic Shift in the Technology

Nowadays, most of the companies are finding difficulties in determining the right technology approach that they can use in running their businesses. It is due to the major issues that affect the business. The delivery platforms are changing, the communication channels are reinvented, the technology is innovating and the data is exploding with various apps, sensors and devices that organizations are utilizing.

Fortunately, the innovations in technology help the organizations making them capable in using their own networks and devices. Social, highly mobile and easy gaining and delivery of solutions in the business are the mantras of the new IT generation. Regardless of the complexity of the technology, it can also provide efficient and rapid solution that the workers and management can use. Indeed, utilizing the right and effective IT solutions is a great help in achieving business success.

Big Five IT Trends

Projecting the IT trends that will influence the business can help both the management and the workers. On the other hand, it is also necessary to determine how the technology can cope up with the growing wall of the consumer technology world. Nevertheless, these five IT trends can help every organization in planning for the roadmaps and strategies that they can use against their competitors.

  1. Next-Gen Mobile

As the technology innovates, mobile devices are widely used these days. Android, Blackberry and iOS are some of the smart mobile devices that are projected to have worldwide sales. According to the sales projection from Gartner, the PC market and tablet market will continue to proliferate by the year 2015. The projected sales for PC are 535 million units while the tablet projected sales is 479 million units.

  1. Social Media

The social media is another IT trend that is continuously soaring up used for communication. The social networking sites are great help in communication and collaboration that is why it is expected to establish stellar growth in the coming years.

  1. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is widely used by large enterprises in determining the performance issues. Likewise, by using this technology trend companies can also take advantage with the benefits such as business agility, accessibility to the next-generation architectures and vendor choice. Cloud computing is more effective as compared to cost reduction alone.

  1. IT Consumerization

Consumerization plays important role in IT departments in order to obtain more productive solutions. This IT trend helps in updating the application portfolios so that the business can deliver effective approaches as well as fresh ideas to the consumer world.

  1. Big data

Despite of the big number of data that drowns many businesses, yet it is difficult to access. These data are the new techniques and technologies promising to give better ROI. However, there are some challenges in adopting big data as it requires new skills as well as cross-functional buy in. Therefore, in order to adopt big data it is important to have mindset about the technology update that can help in solving business problems.

How can IT meet the Big Five Trends?

IT department should be prepared in taking the big leap in order to meet the new trends. This means that each organization should take the necessary directions towards transformation of business models and the organization.

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