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How the Apple iOS6 update will affect your Apple Device

The Maps feature on iOS 6 has taken detail to a whole new level of navigation usefulness. The vector based mapping system gives incredible 3D detail to everything you navigate. You can even zoom right in and there usually won’t be any problems with sudden blurriness and loss of detail. Smooth panning allows you to rotate and tilt the map view as much as you want without losing a fix on street names or location indicators. The new Maps system also includes turn by turn spoken directions and real time traffic updates, not to mention its incredible location finding features.

Passbook App

With passbook you can finally store all those gift cards, event tickets, plane tickets and other passes in digital form on one single device app. The Passbook app does this and in real-time form, meaning that if there are changes to the scheduling or some other aspect of your digital passes and cards, they’ll automatically update inside the app itself. Just pull out your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and scan them through when you want to redeem a coupon, pass through a check-in counter or go to that concert you’ve been waiting for. The app even connects with your mobile devices internal navigation system to tell you when you’re near a place where some coupons and tickets can be used, or when you’re in the wrong boarding terminal at the airport.

Siri Update

The new Siri is coming along with iOS 6, but only to the iPad for now. This new Siri speaks and understands more languages, functions well in more countries, and understands more clearly all the things you need to ask her. Driving directions, sports event scores, movie show times and many other things are all available without touching the screen. Siri can now even be used to update a Facebook status by vice command or to make a restaurant reservation and get it booked.

Facebook Integration Features

The new iOS 6 integrates almost completely with your Facebook profile in all sorts of ways. This is going to make it that much easier for you to stay in touch and connected with all your friends. With the Facebook integration feature, you’ll need to sign in only once and from there just about anything you do can be updated to your profile straight from the iOS 6 app its running on. Take some photos and move them directly to your FB wall, post a status on the fly or share a great restaurant location right from Maps. You can even do some of these things without so much as touching your device, if you’re using Siri.

Facetime over Mobile

It took them a while but the people at Apple finally did it; iOS 6 now gives you access to Facetime over your mobile device, meaning that you can make video calls from anywhere to anyone else using an iOS 6 enabled phone. The service can be used over Wi Fi or through your mobile network carrier.

Author Bio:- When John Dayton isn’t covering forensic experts, he is immersed in the ever-changing tech world; delivering top-notch expert advice.

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