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How Technology Is Changing The Ways We Employ Staff

It’s no secret that technology now plays a part in every aspect of our life – from waking up to our smartphone alarm in the morning, to finding out what’s going on in the world via our Twitter timeline, to staring at a computer screen all day at work.

We use tech for pretty much everything these days, and now even when it comes to employing staff. As well as utilising leading job sites, such as www.jobstoday.co.uk, and apps allowing you to apply for roles – with a pre-loaded CV – at the click of a button, employers are adopting new tactics to discover potential workers and enlist their services.

Technology Is Changing The Ways We Employ Staff

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Social media now has a big part to play when it comes to employing staff, with sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter allowing bosses to search for and make contact with promising candidates. LinkedIn is, of course, a career website, parading as social media. It was made for networking purposes for people within their industries, but it’s also a fantastic candidate searching tool.

The site even now offers a recruiter profile option, for those businesses serious about finding the next star of their company, as well as looking into new tools to help provide visual trends and patterns that detect the profiles of people who would fit in with their company’s culture.

Technology allows companies insight into a candidate’s background, they can view their Twitter feed and basic Facebook profile to determine if they are good fit. According to a survey released by CareerBuilder earlier this year, more than 52% of employers use social media to work out if a candidate is suitable for a position they are hiring for. It allows them to get a snapshot of your personality and interests, which do impact on your work profile no matter what they are.

Technology also provides employers with an easier way of sourcing staff. With a simple search and a few clicks they can have a list of people to contact in front of them. There are very few awkward phone calls involved now when it comes to employing staff – from that initial email asking them to attend an interview to signing the final contract via an online platform, such as EchoSign, SignNow or Signable.

Because of this, technology is also encouraging employers to be more environmentally friendly, using less paper and reducing the amount they post out of the office to those they wish to contact for interview or to offer roles too.

Technology, as part in the way we employ staff, definitely has a positive role. It allows us to quickly engage with people we might not have discovered before when listing in the local ads or by word of mouth. It offers us greater networking platforms we can take advantage of to expand our search and bring in the best people for the available positions.

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