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How Social Smartphone Apps will Revolutionize Energy Management Software?

Apps are available for just about any niche imaginable, from NASCAR to horse racing. And while some smartphone applications are built just for the fun of it, others actually do provide a meaningful contribution to my clutter of phone apps from which I’m constantly sifting, deleting and updating. Some of the applications I find most interesting and which I personally feel will have the greatest impact on our lives in the near future are those which directly relate to energy and energy consumption metering. Such apps are not only relevant, but they give power to the user. With a number of marketable apps currently available already, I would like to discuss the specifics of how the smartphone will revolutionize energy management and consumption.

Greater Control& Collaboration

Consumers love control of the products in which they pay. Energy is one life expense where the only current control mechanism for the consumer is simply to consume less. The only way to reduce regular energy usage and electricity bills is to either turn off the lights or turn of the heater, or both. All of this changes, however, when smartphone control apps come into play. Controlling home HVAC, electricity, lighting and other energy consumption levels to optimize performance and decrease cost is very difficult.

Luckily today’s home automation and energy management software applications help to automate and save on regular energy consumption on a per household basis. Such apps do so in several ways. First, automated systems can actually learn when you are not home and adjust lighting and heating accordingly. That means, if you forget and leave a light on, the system turns if off if it recognizes you are away from the home. Second, smartphone applications play a major role in giving the consumer control. Use several various smartphone apps on the market to adjust home lighting and temperature settings right from your phone. Some of the apps also have the ability to view home surveillance cameras right from your phone.

Cost & Energy Savings

Global increasing demand for all forms of energy is placing constraints on limited resources. Certainly newer forms of energy production are, of necessity, on the horizon, there remains an increasing need for energy solutions that simplify the process and convert technology into cost and energy savings.

Automation and remote control options via smartphone apps, will allow for such cost and consumption reductions to occur. By giving consumers the ability to adjust and even turn off power and heating controls in their homes while they are away, both the amount consumed and the price paid are significantly decreased.

Energy smartphone applications may have the coolness factor, but they are also staged to make waves as potentially significant tools for reducing energy consumption and consumer energy bills. Furthermore, smartphones have not even begun to tap the various nuances in energy management and smart home automation. When they eventually do, we’ll see a further shift in the value chain. Until then, I’ll continue to play Angry Birds.

Author Bio:- Jon Castano is the online manager for Grid2, an energy management software vendor. He is passionate about all things energy including home automation and commercial energy controls. He resides in Austin, TX.

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