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How Social Plays A Role In SEO 2012

While social media’s prevalence is increasing exponentially and search engines are continuously improving their algorithms in ranking websites in their search results, these two facets of the internet are always associated with each other with the continuous deliberation as to how social media plays a role in SEO this 2012.

SEO professionals may have been delighted with the first few notions that search engines, most especially Google, will be incorporating social media activities in ranking websites in their search results. For being a medium that almost everybody is into and anyone even as young as a ten-year old is proficient in, it would be a no-brainer to search engine optimize a website with the use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin’s facilities. However, it isn’t as simple as it seems.

Just because social now plays a role in SEO, it doesn’t mean that businesses can make as many posts and tweets as they can and expect to land in good spots in search engines. These activities do not have a direct bearing on Google’s systems in ranking websites in their search results. However, social media websites can do a great job in increasing a website’s visibility online.

Through social media marketing, it should be easy to send out a message to everyone in the network and your network’s network regarding the website that one wants to promote. However, if the content that is being promoted is not that enticing, people wouldn’t bother clicking the link to the website that is being promoted.

Hence, creating quality content is still the key in SEO, in spite of the influence of social media in SEO these days. If people find a post or tweet interesting, they’d simply click on the link and find their way further through the website if they find themselves drawn into the contents of the website.

However, there are some social activities that Google considers directly in ranking websites. Since these activities tell Google that they like a particular blog site or website, they can have an influence on how a blog site or website will rank in the search results. These are the author tags and +1s.

For those who are not familiar with author tags, these are the photos of authors that we find in the websites that are included in the search results. If searchers click on the photo of the author, it will help a website improve its ranking in search results. +1s on the other hand, is among Google’s social platform, thereby, making this social activity have a greater bearing in Google’s search results.

Final Words

Although there are no concrete and specific rules yet as to how social plays a role in SEO, one thing that is for sure is that by promoting a website that has high quality content in social media, great online visibility will be easily achieved which is important in driving traffic to the website or blog site and eventually, increasing one’s rank in search results.

Author Bio:- Jamie Cody is a writer from centernetworks.com that writes about tech, finance and other things over at centernetworks.com. If you need unbiased hosting reviews, feel free to check out their reviews.

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