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How Social Media is Used for Online Marketing?

Social networking is another tech buzzword which has been spreading rapidly through the internet. Every third person is hooked to social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Digg and YouTube to get connected with their friends and relatives. These sites are also considered as essential elements for an effective and successful online marketing.

These social networks have enhanced the internet in becoming a healthy and profitable platform for gaining customers for all types of businesses. Social networking sites are really attractive and many brands are also considering it for marketing purposes.

social media online marketing

Advantageous for online marketing

The social media sites are designed to assist media sharing and commentary on personal posts. People enjoy and spend good amount of time on networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube due to their interactive nature. These qualities are advantageous for marketing campaigns.

Due to the huge audience visiting these sites, your opportunity for growing vast number of people is endless. The best part is you need not worry in figuring out how to legitimize the whole site but you simply have to understand the strategy of making funds with your small part.


Your ability to reach millions of people through social networking sites remains outstanding. You can add a more friendly and human factor to your marketing strategy and your work can be extensive and influencing too. You can engage your customers in an informal and direct manner.

It allows you to know about your customers, their likes, needs and requirements. Moreover, you are also promoting your product, brand or service and generating immense traffic to your site which is the essential factor for a successful online marketing.

Good Marketing Strategy

In order to utilize social media sites for effective online market, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of marketing strategy. The networking sites are an extremely busy place due to which one can get distracted easily. If you do not plan strategically, chances are that you might spend most of your valuable time without achieving much.

Hence, there need to be a well planned guideline which should include the time spent and the important sites to be focused.

Target Users

Every social media site has a particular statistics and each one of them generally has a concentration of certain type of users. To achieve effective online marketing on the networking sites, it is important that you have a firm grip on the definite niche and what would be its appeal.

For example, FaceBook caters mostly the college students, young professional and to some extent senior citizens too. So, if the niche which you are targeting covers young students or senior people then FaceBook can be good place to make grab attention.

On the other hand, any marketing strategy which targets male professionals belonging to middle age group may not do well if focused on FaceBook.

Offering Coupons

Every individual likes to save money and every business likes to make money. If your business is about selling products then you have probably considered about presenting coupons to the people.

There are many venues on social media through which you can distribute your coupons to people. FaceBook and Twitter are excellent tools for this plan. In fact, there are many sites which are designed to help and use Twitter for distributing coupons. This way you can render the service of the coupon as a promotional tool.

The most important point to bear in mind while utilizing social networking for online marketing is that it is all about being societal, building groups and interacting with them. Your marketing strategy would fall flat if you focus mainly on promotion and not integrate with people.