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How Mobile Call Apps Can Save You Money

Nowadays there is an app for just about everything. There are apps to entertain us, apps to simplify our business, even apps that can help us save money like personal finance and bill tracking apps. But what about a way to trim down that cell phone bill? You’ll be pleased there’s an app for that too!

Mobile call apps have been becoming increasingly popular with people who no longer wish to pay the outrageous long distance charges that mobile providers are charging today. Mobile call apps such as Foocall use your Wi-Fi or 3G/4G to connect your calls. While some mobile call apps are limited by only calling the same device make using the same mobile call app, other mobile call apps allow users to call any number they choose regardless of the device it is on.

Mobile Call Apps

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In today’s hyper connected world many people have multiple close friends, family and business associates who are scattered throughout the globe, keeping in contact with distant or overseas friends, family and business contacts can become financially unmanageable very quickly, especially if you are contacting these people from your Smartphone device.

Having a good mobile call app provider can substantially reduce your monthly long distance charges and allow you to call anywhere in the world without worrying about receiving a catastrophically high cell bill the following month.

How mobile call apps work

Mobile call apps use Wi-Fi or 3G/4G as opposed to cell signals. Getting started with a mobile call app is generally a very quick and easy process that requires little more than downloading the app to your Smartphone device. A good mobile call app provider will usually let you have your first call free of charge to give you the opportunity to try it before you add any sort of credit.

No more contracts and confusing long distance plans

The majority of cell providers have notoriously confusing and expensive long distance plans attached to an ironclad contract that can keep you locked into a plan that you may down the road no longer need or are able to afford.

Most decent mobile call app providers work on a prepaid month-to-month basis that is free of contracts and confusing fine print. You simply download the app, purchase the package of long distance minutes that you think you will need (you can always buy more within your 30 days if need be) and that’s it. When you have used the minutes you’ve paid for you can purchase more, and there should not be an obligation to continue purchasing past this point. If you do come across a mobile call app provider that requires a contract then you should continue to shop around.

Your mobile call app minutes can be used from anywhere

Even if you do manage to find a long distance plan from your mobile provider that you think you can live with, you will want to take into consideration that these plans usually only apply when you are using your Smartphone from your own area code. Which means that you can still incur long distance charges when you make calls outside your specific calling area? Mobile call apps use Wi-Fi or 3g/4g not cell signals so your long distance minutes can be used to call anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world.

Mobile call apps for business

If your business requires you to keep in contact with colleagues and suppliers who are out of area or overseas, a mobile call app will cost you far less than a mobile long distance plan will. Another advantage to adding a mobile call app is that you will no longer have to worry about surprise charges on your bill. This will allow you to keep better track of your call budget and greatly reduce the risk of exceeding it.

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