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How Is The Rugby World Cup Going To Affect The Technology Industry?

This year’s Rugby World Cup is one of the most anticipated competitions in recent times. England and Wales are the hosts of the competition and both sides will be keen to perform well on home soil, hoping the atmosphere can prove a leveller against much-fancied opponents from the southern hemisphere.

While the tournament will have a large impact on a number of key industries for the remainder of 2015, the technology industry is set to prosper dramatically from the increased advertising and marketing. Toshiba, Canon and Fujitsu are all leading corporations and are market leaders in that particular industry, all of which are huge sponsors for the upcoming competition.

Rugby World Cup and Technology

These firms will all want to tap into the stardust that such a major sporting event has and cash in on better sales. At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Coca Cola saw a rise in profits after their increased role in the public domain and these companies will be quietly confident that the same sort of big increase could occur for them especially coming, as it does, just before the big push for festive sales. Coca Cola has had a strong link to such sporting events in a bid to establish its position as a big market leader – and the drinks giant is another key sponsor at the Rugby World Cup.

Technological markets should, in theory, prosper from the added exposure and additional time in the public eye. Many are expecting to see a dramatic rise in the price of shares, and the technology industry is well placed to be the major beneficiary from this year’s tournament due to the likely target audience, the calibre of the companies involved and time of the year – with the final set to be held at Twickenham on October 31.

Tournaments are always a good opportunity to push the sale of consumer electronics – with fans seizing on events as the reason to upgrade to a bigger and better television for example. Digital radios, tablets and smartphones are also needed for the hardcore fan to keep up with the action from all 48 matches.

Off the field technology will continue to help to determine the all-important close refereeing decisions within games – and the efficient way this is put to use in rugby may well encourage more sports to embrace technology in similar ways.

There are a number of different ways that this year’s Rugby World Cup will be important on the technological industry but ultimately, it all boils down to one thing: money.

Sponsors have an opportunity with the Rugby World Cup, it’s their responsibility not to squander this chance. They’ll have access to the eyes and ears of millions of fans throughout the tournament, they need to use this and ensure that the money they have spent spreads the word about their latest products and helps to drive sales.

With a number of technological companies involved in the sponsorship, we may be set for a battle between these giants that mirrors the high octane sporting feast on the field of play.

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