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How Has Your Smartphone Changed Your Life?

The number of smartphones in use has dramatically risen over the last 12 months. A third of adults now have a smartphone and that looks set to increase. But how much is having the latest handheld device changing how we behave? A new study from India sheds some light on how consumer behavior is changing once they have the latest iPhone or HTC handset.

Ericsson, who used to have a joint smartphone venture with Sony, have done a survey in India and have revealed that many respondents say that having a smartphone has changed how they behave quite substantially. They are spending less quality time with loved ones and are increasingly dependent on their handset.

Almost half say they can’t go to sleep without having their smartphone by their side. A third say they forget people are around them when they’re engrossed with their device, be it checking apps or social network updates.

Those who haven’t had a smartphone before are more dependent than those who have had one for a while, the survey reveals. So if you’ve just invested in a Sony Xperia S or a Nokia Lumia 800 for loved one in the past month and it’s their first smartphone, expect to speak to them less for the foreseeable future.

What are we doing on our smartphones? Well the survey says over fifty per cent of our time is spent online, browsing the net. Men use Google maps more often than women while women talk and text more. More gender differences were revealed with app usage, every month women spent over 3 hours playing Angry Birds, 50% more time than men.

The survey questioned over 5000 people aged between 15 and 45 so a good cross-section of Indian society. The use of 3G is starting to roll out more in India so data consumption is on the rise as more and more people go online via their phones. The survey shows that we are spending more time online, more time browsing the web and being engrossed in our smartphones. They’re an increasingly important part of our lives and how many of us check our latest updates and emails before we turn in right at the end of the day?

It’s not surprising that men and women use their devices differently and are drawn to different apps and activities. The smartphone is rapidly becoming an extension of our personality as we choose apps and games that suit our lifestyles and are a good way of helping us stay in touch with our interests, whether its film, fitness or healthy eating.
Manufacturers are increasingly savvy to this as well, with smartphone makers like HTC and Sony increasingly pitching different devices to different markets. The Xperia range sees each handset being given a different personality be it music video or media to play on its strengths and make it more appealing to people.

The smartphone has given us the internet and gaming in our pocket, no wonder we spend so much of our time playing on it. With 4G able to provide much faster data connections than 3G, and 5G inevitably on the distant horizon, these trends may only become more pronounced in the coming years.

Author Bio:- This post was written by Simon from Best Mobile Contracts, a UK mobile phone comparison website and source of up to date phone news, mobile phone reviews as well as other useful information for people buying a new mobile phone.

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