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How Google+ Helps in Increasing Traffic?

By now, we are familiar with Google+. Although it has been just a year, the growth rate is phenomenal. There are many reasons as to why Google came up with a social network. One of the most important reasons was that Google needed a social network of its own. Of course, in the beginning people complained that Google wanted to dominate the social word. Frankly, let us leave that problem behind and think about benefiting from the present source.

After Google+ kicked in, people started to subscribe. Soon Google came up with the idea of personalization. Google in an attempt to provide the most relevant search to its readers, created a personalized search. This was based on social network. For instance, consider your friend had written on ‘how to repair vacuum cleaner’. If you are within your friend’s circle and happen to search of the above topic then the post will appear at the beginning of search results.

Google, at first, said that the personalized search would appear separately. This will allow you to differentiate between personalized searches and normal searches. Unfortunately, there is far more things than just personalization. You may not be shown personalized searches but if you are signed in then personalization is integrated into your search results.

So how does personalization help increase traffic?

The idea is simple as it sounds. You build your followers around Google+. When they search for a term and if you happen to have written on it then you gain the top SERPs (for you followers). This is actually a part of SEO. No long term link building and no worries about algorithm change. You do not even have to fret and fume though normal SEO process will be carried.

However, there is an important step to be executed. Each time you publish a post, ensure it is shared in your Google+ profile/page. This is not a tiresome process compared to bookmarking at other sites with hardly any results. Moreover, the more active you are with Google+ the better your rankings (for your followers).

How to build followers around Google+?

Google+ provides script to be integrated in your website. If you run your site on WordPress then it is a boon. For WordPress users several plugins are available for free. Just paste your Google+ profile page URL and the plugin displays ‘Add to circle’ call to action.

Another way is to force your readers to follow on Google+. I know this sounds awkward but if you are desperate to gain Google+ followers then there is no choice. Remove your Facebook or other social network pages from your site. Just provide your Google+ page so that readers will have no option left but to follow on Google+.

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