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How Email Marketing Can Boost Your SEO

E-mail marketing is a tool used to reach your target audience in a highly targeted way and bind them to your website. In a way, it drives web traffic. According to a study by Conductor, about 51% of people discover websites because of e-mail marketing. So even if you don’t hear about it often, email can promote SEO. Here’s how it does it:

Create inbound links

The more links you have that points to your website, the higher your domain authority will be. Thus, inbound links are crucial in boosting you SEO. If you are to use your e-mail marketing campaign in encouraging other web users to link your website in their latest posts, you can gain more inbound links. And even if they don’t do this, you have at least handed them your information.

Build better social signals

Google has not officially confirmed whether or not your online activity affects your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. However, there is a study that found that the top ranking positions in the SERP are taken by those who are most active in Google+ and Facebook. This makes sense as the more you share your content in social media sites, the more people will be able to know your brand and visit your website.

The problem is that it’s not easy to get people to share your content. However, if you have an e-mail list, you’ll be send newsletters and ask your loyal subscribers to share its link. Thus, the job becomes easier.

Promote content

There’s no doubt that e-mail marketing campaigns can increase your online visibility. When you send links of your content to your e-mail list, you get more people to visit your website. You can do this weekly or monthly via newsletters. Don’t spam your e-mail list with daily messages.

Reduce bounce rates

Google ranks websites that generates higher bounce rate low in the SERP. So if you want your SEO campaign to succeed, you must be able to solve the problem of bounce rates.

Of course, you can’t please every web users. There will be those who will not be willing to explore your website. What you can do is increase the number of people who are actually interested in your website to take action. You can send your email list of loyal web visitors an update every time you post a new content or you have a new offer.

Improve quality of content

Though e-mail marketing is usually used for promotional campaigns, you can also maximize it by getting information about your target audience. You can create e-mail list segments that groups people according to their job, location, interest, gender, education, and more. This information will become valuable when you are setting the tone of your web content.


Now that you know how to use your e-mail marketing campaign in boosting your SEO, the next thing you should do is determine which SEO initiatives have contributed most in building your brand. Then, you can focus on doing those initiatives.

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