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How do SEO and SEM differ?

Internet is updated with new technologies and improvements. New technologies are given new terminologies. Different terms are used across the world for a word which demonstrates the same meaning. As a result many get confused with the terms. A perfect example, SEO and SEM are considered to be the same by many people. They are related, but they are not the same. Have you ever wondered about the difference between them? Only few are able to distinguish between SEO and SEM. Well, both have equal importance in Internet marketing.

“SEO” or “Search Engine optimization” is a healthy practice that is being encouraged by Google. SEO cannot be used to spam search engines. SEO is a technique that is used to improve your website. The technique has to be implemented correctly by meeting the standards and guidelines of search engines. SEO works to benefit the search engine and the user. Writing content on hot topics and the latest trends is essential. Use appropriate keywords in the content and make it sound good. Run your site through the HTML and CSS validator to clean up the code. Check the technology used to make sure that the spider has access to your site. Ex: Flash cannot be accessed by the search engine. Use advanced options like 301 redirects and simple URL’s. Now that the site is optimized, you should be ready to market it.

“SEM” or “Search Engine Marketing” is considered to be an umbrella term that comes under SEO. SEM is a technology that is used to promote a website and to increase its traffic. SEM is practiced in three different ways. Search engines or a directory is paid in order to include the website. Paid inclusion is a good method to choose if you intend to make frequent changes to the site. Paid sites are frequently visited by the spider and the changes in rankings can be observed at a closer level.  Paid advertisements are also used for marketing. These advertisements are charged based on the number of appearances they make. Whether or not it drives traffic to the website, the payment has to be made. Pay- per- click is the third method that is used for SEM. This is a text version and the payment is made only when someone clicks the text. The click leads you to the website. Search Engine Marketing is as important as Search Engine Optimization.

Optimization and marketing go hand in hand. Your content needs to be optimized before being marketed. Though they are independent of each other, when they join hands they give profitable results.

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