How Data Masking Helps Your Data Security?

Updated October 6, 2023

Data Security

Every modern company inevitable amasses a lot of data in the course of its lifecycle. This information comes in various forms. Some companies collect technological and technical information. Other companies collect financial, personal and medical data of their customers. And these companies might be using different databases to store this data. But what do all modern companies have in common? It’s the fact that data and information are playing an increasingly important role in modern economy and companies are struggling to protect this valuable asset as success in business largely depends on that. Recent year have seen massive data theft and breaches with very serious consequences for both companies and their customers. But what can we do about it? Maybe, the first thing that comes to mind is data obfuscation. Sometimes it’s also called data masking. But the idea behind these two terms is the same. You just replace real data with fake one. Sounds simple and effective, doesn’t it? That is why data masking is believed to be chief among security solutions and this point of view is supported by national and international sensitive data regulations and legislation.  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25, 2018. It specifies in Article 32 data masking is to be used to protect sensitive data from data breaches and other unauthorized access. Failure to abide by the GDPR can result in a fine of 20 million EUR, so it’s clearly in a company’s best interest to comply with the GDPR requirements.

When may data masking come in handy? These are top sources of data loss and exposure in any company:

1) Third parties.

Let’s say your company is outsourcing outside contractors to do some work on your system or database. That may be a piece of code or major modification of your system. Of course, you trust your contractors and think that data breach just can’t happen through their malice. But what about negligence? Wouldn’t it be better to eliminate the slightest possibility of sensitive data loss or exposure? Just use data masking for that!

2) Your own employees.

Again, nobody is talking about malice here. However, according to some studies upwards of 25 percent of all data breaches involve employees or contractor negligence.

It seems that nobody would argue that data masking is a must for any modern company. There are some semi-professional methods to do that. However, “semi-professional” is the keyword here.

That’s where DataSunrise comes into play. By using DataSunrise database security solution you can eliminate the slightest possibility of data theft or mishandling whether it comes from the inside or the outside.

The DataSunrise Data Masking tool has the following features and advantages:

  • The data is masked on-the-fly at the moment of request. That is, DataSunrise Data Masking tool intercepts the client query and changes the database response.
  • DataSunrise Data Masking doesn’t require any additional server resources.
  • The database is always up-to-date.
  • No need to extract the whole database. The original content is changed by DataSunrise Data Masking while being retrieved from the database.

Data Masking is included in DataSunrise Database Security Suite which can be used with any commercially available database. So, DataSunrise Data Masking is only the tip of the data protection iceberg from DataSunrise. We can offer you the following state-of-the-art database protection tools:

1) DataSunrise Data Audit. This tool keeps track of each query made to your database. In other words, it’s database activity monitoring.

2) DataSunrise Firewall. It protects a database from unauthorized queries and SQL injections. That’s right, we will take care of all SQL injections to your databases.

3) DataSunrise Performance Monitoring. Tracks your database performance and helps to eliminate your database operation bottlenecks.

4) DataSunrise Sensitive Data Discovery. You should know very well what you’re going to protect. This feature help to discover any sensitive information in your databases, even if you’re not aware you have it. That happens sometimes. So, not a bit of information requiring protection remains unattended. After sensitive data has been discovered it’s obfuscated by the DataSunrise Data Masking tool.

One might say that there are companies out there alleging they can protect your database. That’s true, but here is what makes DataSunrise so advanced and superior to others. Our Database Protection Suite knows what is happening with your database at any time literally down to bits. And the quality of data protection largely depends on that. That is, how deep your protection system can analyze passing and stored data. Knowing how to protect your information is our business and we know how to do it professionally!

Download your free version of DataSunrise Database Security Suite right now and enjoy total database safety!

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