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How Can You Market Your Business on Twitter?

Social Media is gaining importance day by day. More and more people are becoming active on these websites and engaging in decent interaction. Many marketers have realized this and tapped this opportunity to market their brands on various social networking websites. Marketers are tapping quite a few websites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc.  Now let us see how can brands use twitter for marketing!

Firstly let’s understand twitter (as a marketing tool)

Twitter is a micro blogging site where people come and share opinion, take feedback, get their queries solved and much more. It’s more of a knowledge building platform then just a social networking website. Agreed not every one is on twitter to share knowledge but they might be there to take some knowledge. Business can capitalize this as an opportunity to find target audience and get relevant leads and feedback.

How can business use twitter to market?

Twitter is best used tool for communication. Many corporate announce their deals, M&A, etc. via twitter. As I have mentioned it earlier twitter is a knowledge sharing platform so business can share knowledge based communication out here.

Things which a corporate must do on twitter:

  • Follow brands/media on twitters which fall in the similar niche – talk to tem, ask them their feedback and improvise on the product or service.
  • Reply to people – It is advisable to reply each and every one who mentions you.
  • Know what they want from you? – You should be smart enough to identify you what your followers expect from you. People have different expectations satisfying them serves your purpose.
  • Have some key influencer – Identify few people on twitter who tend to be key influencer of your brand. Keep them updated, follow them, ask them for help, help them out and much more can be done!
  • Use Hashtags! – This is the key element in twitter marketing. Identify a hashtag which can be used to market your brand. Use HashTag in all possible tweets.
  • Add your contact information – How will people contact you on twitter, yes replying is one option but what if a person want to reply you DM is an option only when you follow the person if not how will he? So it’s recommended to add some contact information in the bio or add a link to the contact form in each tweet!
  • Many more tings like – Don’t tweet repeated content, don’t just tweet about product or services tweet other stuff’s as well which has relevance to users.

How will the above mentioned activity help?

It will help in creating brand awareness and also engaging people. People will start talking about the brand and if the brand is extremely good expect an awesome viral effect.

To conclude I would say that update some decent content on twitter interact and interact more with people!  

Author Bio:- This is a guest post written by Chirag Jethmalani who blogs at Squamble. He is also very keen on Social Media.

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  • Air Purifier

    April 15, 2012, 7:37 pm

    I can’t agree with you more on that. Social media such as facebook etc, has been dominating the marketing. Thus if you need to get your products to the market, social media would be a good way to go


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