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How Can You Fix Slow Computers?

Have you experienced sluggish performance on your computer? Actually, this is the most common problem that many computer users have encountered in their daily use of their computer.

Here are some of the issues why you have encountered slow performance on your computer:

  • Hard disk space is not enough.
  • There are bad files and leftover programs.
  • Data has been corrupted.
  • There are missing Windows updates and outdated drivers.
  • Overheating of computer.
  • Bad hardware.

Here are the following ways on how to deal slow computers.

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  • Reboot your computer if it has not yet been rebooted.
  • You must have to verify if there is at least 200-500MB of free space on your hard disk drive. If it falls below 200MB, then you must have to remove unwanted programs that have been stored on your system for so long. Delete these unimportant programs at once to free up disk space.
  • Disable programs that are just crowding on your startup list. Too many programs can consume a lot of time just to boot your computer system.
  • You may open Task Manager to see what files have been running in the background. By opening this utility, you will be able to know how much memory is left on your system.
  • Install a reliable antivirus on your computer. You must protect your computer from the ever evolving spyware, malware, and virus on your computer. These malicious items are just lurking behind ready to infect on your system. These items can cause harm and can even damage your system. Run the antivirus regularly to help block the virus and remove them completely out from your system.
  • You must have to check for hardware conflicts. You must have to make it sure that the Device Manager has no conflicts. This must be resolved at once so as not to result to serious damage.
  • You need to update your Windows. Make it sure that you must have the latest updates on your Windows. If you are using the Internet, be sure that all your browser plugins are updated too.
  • Make sure that your computer as well as your processor is not overheating. It is because extreme heat can decrease the performance eon your computer.
  • Keep your fans clean at all times. Remove dirt and dust so that air can freely flow.

These are some ways on how to fix slow computer. Use them every time you encounter slow computers and you will surely achieve supersonic speed on your computer.

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  • Kader

    May 20, 2011, 4:09 am

    The most important thing increasing the size of memory


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