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How Can You Easily Update HD Audio Drivers From Windows

Most people think that Microsoft Windows update can only be used for updating the operating system. However, Microsoft Windows update can also update many useful device drivers. These drivers may not necessarily be from Microsoft. Microsoft Windows update helps you in updating device drivers from a lot of different manufacturers. Any device which reads the message ‘plug and play’ or has a visible Microsoft Windows logo can be updated via Microsoft Windows update. As part of its policy, Microsoft encourages a lot of different manufacturers to update device driver softwares. These also include audio drivers. The problem is that this is just a voluntary system. So it is not necessary that these drivers are the latest.

Updating HD Audio Drivers through Microsoft Windows update

Some people keep their automatic windows updates option on. If this is the case with you, then there is nothing to worry about. Microsoft Windows update will automatically download device drivers and install them to your computer. However, there are times when this option is off. During such times, you may download and install drivers by launching Microsoft Windows update manually or by using the device manager.

1) Open Control panel.

2) Go to system and security.

3) Click on Windows update. The computer will automatically connect to the Microsoft update database. It will notify you if there are any available updates. Check if there are any HD audio drivers which are available.

Updating HD Audio drivers through device manager

First of all, go to ‘Control panel’ and click ‘Device manager’. There will be a list of different categories. Click on ‘Sound, Game and Video controllers’. Now click on your ‘HD sound device’. Click on the ‘driver’ option and then click ‘update driver’ button. A new window will open through which you will be able to search for device drivers automatically. Microsoft Windows update will find and download the driver for you. It will also install the driver to your system.

There can be a situation that no device drivers are found for your system. This may be because of the lack of any new drivers in the Microsoft’s database. This may also be because no new drivers have been created for HD audio. You can even visit the manufacturer’s website and check if any new high definition audio driver is available. Most of the websites offer you with free downloads and you do not have to spend anything to download or install them. Usually, there will be a driver download section on the website through which you will be able to download and install drivers. All you need to do is enter your system’s and sound device’s details on the website so that the right driver can be downloaded. Make sure that you download the right driver for your system and sound device. Download the driver and follow the instructions. Finally, you will need to restart your computer to finish and complete the process. You can read more by visiting the Microsoft Windows help desk or any audio driver manufacturer’s website.

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