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How can Klout help my Social Media Credibility?

You may have heard of Klout, a scalable score which was created in 2007 to ‘measure’ a person’s popularity in the Social Media world.  Klout is an excellent tool that can help you get a sense of your power of influence with your on line networking friends and followers.


Using Twitter and Facebook, Klout determines your level of influence based on your Friends and Followers level of influence.  The more influential people you are networking with, the more influential you will be graded.  Think of it similar to a Google Page Rank; the more websites you can link your website to with a high Google Page Rank, the higher your Google Page Rank will increase.

There are many advantages to analyzing your Klout and taking steps to increase your score.  By paying attention to Klout you can begin to build your Social Media credibility.

  1. Leveraging Twitter – promoting your Klout score next to your Twitter link on your Blog shows readers you use and understand the powerful link that can exist between tweeting and blogging.  Get your Klout score on your Blog, show your readers you will tweet their links if they guest blog for them!
  2.  Social Media Lingo – bragging about your Klout score shows folks you understand the Social Media terminology; you are in the ‘know’ and understand how things work together to influence each other.
  3. Networking with Influential People – your Klout score is a reflection of your ‘circle’ of Social Media friends.  If your Klout score is higher, you are influential and so is your circle.
  4. Facebook and Twitter Proficiency – Klout scores are using Twitter and Facebook to create a number that reflects your activity on these two sites.  Any Klout score shows you are on both networking sites and using them proficiently.
  5. Klout Conversation – understanding, analyzing, following and promoting your Klout score will lead to conversations with other Socia Media savvy folks.

Posting your Klout badge on your Blog is a great first stop to helping your Social Media credibility.  Promoting your level of influence is an excellent way to improve your Social Media credibility.  The more credibility you have, the more you will be sought after as the online experts.

Author Bio:- Lisa Illman is the Inventor of an outdoor cat enclosure product line and President of Kritter Kommunity, LLC.  She published and maintains Kritters that Twitter, a Social Media Blog for pets and the people who love them.  Lisa used Twitter to launch her Kritter Kondo product line, and sold her first 100 cat enclosures through her pet loving Social Media network.

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