How Can eCommerce Help Save the Environment?

Updated October 6, 2023

Environmental issues are now more acute than ever. Anti-records of temperature increase are recorded daily, the number of animals that die out due to human activities increases. If this does not change shortly, the world will be on the brink of an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe. eCommerce software development can reduce CO2 emissions and improve its region’s ecological situation.

The value of eCommerce in improving the environment

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According to some reports, more than 4 billion people worldwide use social networks; more than 2.5 billion people prefer to shop online (and with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, this number began to skyrocket). As a result, they significantly impact large masses of people. So, if all social networks and eCommerce sites use the principles of environmental ethics, the world will become a much better place.

It is worth noting that each direction can have its tools for improving the environment. So, for example, Google Flights, in addition to data on the time and place of departure, also provides information on how much CO2 an aircraft emits. So, if there are several flights at once that depart from the same city, at about the same time, then we can choose a flight that will be more environmentally friendly. Even such a seemingly insignificant choice can make the world a better place.

Tips for creating a quality store

Many companies abdicate their responsibility, saying that nothing depends on the actions of one institution, but this is not the case. Offers several tips to build an online store that will be good for the environment:

  • As suppliers, choose companies that use only environmentally friendly technologies and materials in the production of products;
  • Give up paper workflow;
  • Give preference to eco-friendly packaging;
  • Use electric cars;
  • Upgrading warehouses give preference to robotic technology.

Today on the market, you can find many suppliers who neglect environmental requirements. The cost of such goods is much lower, but they cause significant harm to the environment. If each online store chooses only suppliers with the appropriate quality certificates, there will be no problems with waste recycling in the world. For example, SAP Ariba, the largest service in the B2B system, offers a detailed overview of corporate supply chains, which enables partners to assess the social, economic, and environmental impact of transactions.

Today, most large companies have gone paperless to reduce deforestation. All waybills and invoices can be received and signed electronically. This practice is widespread in all large companies.

When packaging goods, it is worth choosing materials that can be further recycled. For example, polyethylene can be replaced with paper or cardboard, or recyclable bags can be chosen – no more plastic floating in the ocean and orbiting the planet.

To transport your products between warehouses, it is worth using electric cars. It allows you to minimize the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Robotic technology and artificial intelligence allow you to optimize work in the warehouse and reduce errors due to the human factor. You can connect them with artificial intelligence by creating mobile applications, which automatically processes orders and generates parcels. When choosing equipment, you need to pay attention to how much electricity it consumes.

These are the actions used by giants such as Amazon and Ant Financial. Together with Google, they promote informed choices in favor of environmentally friendly solutions.

If we talk about web development, it is worth indicating that you care about the environment. So, for example, you can put certain content on the site or post your certificates, if any exist. If you sell various products, organic products can be separated into a specific category or put a unique mark on them. In some cases, it makes sense to make small discounts on such categories of goods. In the UK, for example, Mastercard has partnered with HELPFUL to offer discounts on over 150 green-labeled products.

Also, when developing software, make sure that your site is connected to a server that consumes as little power as possible.

At the moment, new business models are being actively developed and tested to improve the environment. One of the most important areas is creating access to an individual “environmental panel” to truly understand their impact and options for a more sustainable lifestyle.

To determine web development costs, it is necessary to consider what tools and technologies were used in the process of work.


Every entrepreneur who cares about the environment can make a significant contribution to the preservation of our planet. Typically, these eCommerce platforms cost more to develop, but they will allow people to make more informed product choices. They may even encourage them to become more environmentally friendly principles in other aspects of life.

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