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How Brands Can Interact Better Through Social Media

Consumers are interacting in online communities on a daily basis. Twitter has 140 million users, Facebook has a whopping 955 million users and YouTube gets 4 billion views per day; therefore social media is a marketing opportunity that no business can afford to miss.

For businesses to succeed, companies need to utilize social media platforms and to communicate with consumers on a 2-way level. Here are some top tips on how brands can interact better through social media.

Social engagement tools

There are various social engagement tools such as InboxQ. This is a tool that can be added to Chrome and Firefox that gives you notifications when someone tweets a question about your niche. It allows you to find people that are asking questions about your industry which you can answer.

You input keywords and when questions are asked using those keywords, you get a notification which allows you to interact in real time on Twitter with your potential customers.

Other tools include Google Analytics, Tweetdeck,and Hootsuite.

Blog commenting

Find blogs in your niche using blog directories like Technorati, BlogCatalog, BlogDash, MyBlogGuest etc. Blogs are an excellent way of engaging with your readers about informative, helpful topics.

Writing tips/guides on subjects in your industry can be extremely beneficial but as well as writing blogs, it helps to comment on existing ones too. Use the directories mentioned above to find relevant posts and then add your authoritative opinion.

Forum commenting

Search Google for questions about your industry on which you can provide practical, expert help. Many forums hold questions posed by consumers on various topics. Go into these communities and answer the questions that you know. It will boost the brand’s reputation as an authoritative source and consumers will appreciate the interaction on a personal level.

If you can, take this one step further by writing posts on these questions which receive a large amount of traffic in search engines. Then when someone types this into Google, your post will rank highly.

(Social media figures provided by Digital Marketing Ramblings.)

Author Bio:- This article was provided by Custard Media, a full-service marketing agency that specialises in online PR, social media and search engine optimisation.

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