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How Backup System Images in Windows 7 Will Change Your Life?

Anyone who’s used a Windows operating system (OS) in the past twenty years knows how slow and clunky a Windows OS can get. If you tend to try out a lot of different and new software (especially software with self-updaters), it will start to add up along with perhaps a little bit of stray spyware and other memory-eating applications.

Sure, you can purge viruses, spyware, and uninstall programs you no longer need but still run incessantly as background processes, but even all this won’t guarantee that your computer will work as great as it did when you first installed windows. You may still have to defragment your hard disk, clean up your hard disk, run troubleshooter, and limit programs that run automatically on startup.

Just looking at all of those tasks to improve computer performance makes me tired. Perhaps this is the lazy in me, but I always preferred simply reinstalling my Windows OS. After that, it always ran like new. Unfortunately, there are a number of tedious tasks that accompany a clean install of your OS, namely because performing a clean installation wipes your hard drive. This means you have to back up your files beforehand, reinstall all the programs you’ll need after reinstalling the OS, reinstall all the drivers to get your hardware working up to par, transfer your backed-up files to your newly reformatted hard drive, and reconfigure all of your browser and software settings.

Backup System Images Change Everything

Thanks to Windows 7 and it’s nice and functional feature that allows you to save a backup system image that you can use to recover your OS to the state it once was if it suddenly stops working how it used to. Take a look at your computer right now. Is it working great? Does it have all the software and configurations you’ll ever need for the time being? Back it up right now then! I recently performed my last clean install of Windows 7. After reinstalling all of my software and configuring my system exactly how I wanted it, I saved the state as a system image. So now if my computer becomes infected with a virus or whatever crazy thing happens to it, I can always restore to this perfect, ideal state.

To save your system image, all you have to do is click Start, and then Control Panel. Having the Control Panel open, click on Back up your computer under System and Security. Now you can Create a system image or Set up backup; either one will give you a save state you can use. After that, just save the image to an external hard drive or backup disc.

If you ever need to default to this backup image state, simply click Start, then click the Control Panel. In the search box in explorer, type recovery, and then click Recovery program once Windows finds it. Now all you have to do is click Advanced recovery methods, and select Use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer. The rest takes care of itself.

Have a computer so messed up that Windows 7 won’t even boot? Not to worry, you can recover a system image when reinstalling Windows 7 (be aware that you will need to first boot from your Windows 7 instillation disc). Just simply click Repair your computer instead of Install now once you input your language and keyboard settings. Hopefully with this awesome feature, you won’t have to reinstall Windows 7 or “improve your system performance” ever again.

Author Bio: This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for best online college.

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