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How B2B Marketers can Make Use of LinkedIn?

Social Media sites being used to improve business is no more a new concept or strategy. It is now a common activity. The popularity of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and various other social networking sites have made it a favorite hunting ground for many online business holders. And why not? Social networking sites have been a common hub for various activities and interests and a common meeting point for people across the globe.

In this article, let us turn our attention on how to improve B2B business using LinkedIn.

Why should you seek the help of LinkedIn for your B2B business?

  1. It is easy to be found. 75% of B2B buyers use social media as a major part of their purchase process.
  2. Easy to maintain your digital profile: 85% of purchase planning start from online researches.
  3. Opportunity to show your expertise.
  4. As Google recognizes LinkedIn, it is easy to make your brand awareness and improve corporate page ranking
  5. A source where you can promote your company

Some cool tips to get the best out of Linked In

1# Make sure you complete your profile on LinkedIn

  • Make your headline speak about your value proposition
  • Add a picture
  • Make use of words and languages that a customer is exploring all the time
  • Turn the default URL to your personal URL
  • Make keywords that best matches your corporate targets
  • Make effective linking from your own twitter account, blog, website etc to increase search engine rankings

2# Customize the listing of websites in the profile

  • Make a list of your home pages
  • Make a list of your company blogs
  • Make a list of your company resource webpages
  • But for website listing choose ‘other’ and give a different name to the link.

3# Make and take recommendations

This is an effective way to improve your business. You can showcase and ask for testimonials and client recommendations with the added advantage that the recommendation could also feature in their profile.

4# Group up with people and join their discussions if it is related to your niche

Reconnect with customers that have lost touch, expand your network, show your expertise and be in touch with industry experts.  Get in touch with any prospects that you come across. This can expand you business and help you get recognized easily.

5# Make use of the below mentioned powerful tools

You can add unique and rich contents to your profile and increase your messaging and sharing with the help of the following tools.

  • Add your stories with the help of WordPress / Blog links to update your profile
  • With the help of SlideShare, you can embed key presentations to your profile.
  • Show your engagement in subject matters using Amazon list post books.

6# Edit company pages such that your key messages and words are in the right position

  • Add your logo
  • Make sure your headline carries a value proposition.
  • Design keywords that best match your company strategy
  • Make sure you feature the language that best attracts your target customers
  • Add your website address
  • Mention your professional address
  • You would do well by including your key employees

Hope the above strategies bring you success in your B2B marketing activities. Best of luck!!

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