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How an Active Blog Can Contribute to a Better Organic Presence?

For any business that owns a website, they want website traffic. And this traffic must be qualified enough to turn into sales leads and ultimately become sales conversions. The website is a lead generation tool that could produce business leads on autopilot should the business adopt the right strategy. These traffic leads come from organic search such as Google search engine listings, as well as referral traffic from social media and websites around the Internet.

For businesses that are struggling to understand the value of blog management, they need to look no further. If developed well, a blog can become a valuable asset to a company. Such a valuable asset that it may offer stronger value as a brand-marketing channel than the other marketing communications activities that the business may use. This is a bold statement. And while few may disagree, the proof can be seen with businesses that maintain a successful blog on their site. One of the main benefits is the improvement in organic presence across Google. Furthermore, it is an outlet for you to publish your authority.

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Why develop an authoritative hub?

If you develop an authority hub, over the long term people will start to come to you. By being perceived as an authority, your company and the people who publish will be seen as experts. This is good for the business because the content on the website will be recognized as a resource hub. And to successfully gain natural links, it is about linking to sources that are either credible, original or a reference. Google and the other search engines will see these as ‘votes of confidence’, thus becoming an authority in the eyes of the search engines.

It is an opportunity to be seen for more keywords across Google Hummingbird.

One of the really good benefits with having a blog is that the content can easily be picked up by search engines and provide your website with additional exposure. Webmasters have the opportunity to leverage the smarter Google Hummingbird algorithm’s ability to increase content’s ‘share of voice’ online. The Google Hummingbird algorithm to pick up the content for any related keyword search queries. Because of the exposure, the web content can generate relevant traffic to the site. It is about getting the web traffic users to engage with the site.

Get the links search engines love.

Google’s Matt Cutts has preached this again and again and again. Get people to link to you naturally by providing good quality content that will incentivize people to link to your content. Google continues to update its algorithm to provide search engine users with the best user experience by serving them with the content that they feel is both relevant and is good quality. It is all about enhancing the user’s experience. Google has told us this, time and time again. The easiest way to get started is to create and publish an authority hub. And you can start the authority hub with a blog on your site.

The sharing functions on blogs make it easier for your content to get discovered.

Outside of receiving organic search traffic, there are social and other website platforms that can generate additional traffic to your site every month. It also has the potential to generate organic links by people naturally linking to your content from those sites. With a blog, you can choose plugins that make it easier for people to share the content across the different platforms.

Develop your own voice for your own audience.

The great thing about maintaining a blog is that you dictate the communication style and tone with your audience. Additionally, it also serves as a discussion forum to gain feedback on your content, to generate new ideas and to encourage discussion with your audience. It is an effective branding mechanism for your business that will really only cost you time.

For businesses that haven’t developed a blog, it is an untapped opportunity to develop more exposure for their business, by leveraging audience’s interests to facilitate discussions, expertise and to further improve the brand profile of the business.

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  • Waqas Ali Qasim

    July 1, 2015, 2:17 pm

    Thanks for the article on SEO 🙂 Really Appreciate 🙂


    July 1, 2015, 12:40 pm

    Nice info. but now a days google updates his panda and all many times than seo is work like backlinks. Hope you will guide me well for my blog.


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