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How 2 Step Authentication Can Help Secure Your Customers Data?

As a business, you sometimes need to hold and manage the customer data, which is a great thing, since it better connects you with the client base and in some situations leads to conversions as well. However, this brings in a lot of responsibility, because with numerous cyber threats floating around the web, it can be very hard or sometimes close to impossible to actually protect your data the right way against intruders or hackers. This is the reason why the two-step authentication was created, so that you can secure the customer data and make it a lot harder to access!

2 Step VerificationWhy would you use two-step authentication?

One of the major benefits that two-factor authentication brings right from the start is definitely the fact it increases the overall security of any business, and this is specifically important when you have to protect a lot of customer data. Nothing is more sensitive than actually tracking and holding the information that other persons have handed to you, so an additional layer of protection is indeed necessary.

With the two-step authentication, doing this is not a problem, because you can easily limit the access and thus make it a lot harder for unwanted to access this restricted information.

Moreover, another great benefit is that this type of authentication is very easy to implement. It won’t stop the productivity of your site nor hamper with the user experience, instead it will provide you with an extraordinary layer of protection right off the bat!

How does the two-step authentication work?

The process is very simple, because once it was integrated with the site or any database that needs protection, it will be valid and ready to use, during the authorization process the user will need to insert his login, password as well as a one-time password that is sent via an API through SMS or another kind of OTP-generation token. The password is unique each time, and this leads to a much better set of results, as well as an extraordinary set of results.

The authentication does all of this in real time, so you will be able to access the authentication benefits immediately, which is really nice.

Major two-factor authentication providers such as Protectimus Solutions LLP, Gemalto, Vasko, SafeNet, and others are permanently trying to make the authentication process more secure and at the same time more user-friendly. The result of this work is a great amount of OTP-generation tokens in hardware and software form, which use different OTP-generation algorithms. SMS is not the only way of getting one-time passwords; there are more convenient and safer methods. For example, special smartphone apps, that are installed on the Android or iOS smartphones and smartwatches, or hardware tokens in the form of key fobs of credit cards.

Is it a good idea to use the two-step authentication? Of course, because it manages to limit the number of attacks and at the same time it makes website protection a lot better. It’s an extraordinary way to limit the access of unwanted users without having to deal with many hassles and troubles as a whole.

As you can see, this type of authentication does a great job when it comes to increasing the overall security of your website/database, and this way you can be certain that the customer data will be protected. It’s a lot faster and easier than trying to implement very complicated endeavors, so keep that in mind when you want to protect your user info. Always focus on customer security, as this will help you grow as a company, and integrate the two-step authentication as well, to bring in the ultimate and most secure user experience you always wanted!

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