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Hi-tech locks for your home: Choosing the Yale Assure

Yale Showcases Assure Lock

Do you remember how many times have you locked your keys inside your house, or how many times have you left your home unable to remember whether you locked your door or not? It is already possible to avoid such problems by using smart locks.

Nowadays, there are many different smart locks on the market and not all of them operate in the same way. Some hi-tech locks require you to touch the lock for locking or unlocking it. Some of them can be operated by mimicking a key by waving your smartphone near the lock, while others require tapping of your smartphone app. Some hi-tech locks can detect your presence automatically and open your front door.

One of the best locks which doesn’t require a key is the Yale Assure. It is a very good choice for the high-level security of your house. This lock operates by waving your smartphone like a key twisting. Assure’s touchpad provides access for your guests, who do not have smartphones. This lock will let you inside if you don’t have your smartphone with you. If you have forgotten it or the battery of your lock has gone dead, you can still open it by entering your PIN.

Despite its great features, the Yale Assure might become faulty or malfunctioning. Damaged locks can lead to very unpleasant situations such as lockouts. So, if your lock has any problem, it is highly advisable to get a help of a professional locksmith, who will provide you with the best solution. So, you can avoid a lockout situation, caused by malfunctioning smart locks. Herewith, it is not recommended to try to solve issue by yourself, as such approach may cause more damage to your lock or door.

It’s also a great idea to get a help of a qualified technician before buying a smart lock. An experienced locksmith will suggest you the best model depending on your budget and your individual security needs.

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