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Here’s Why the iPad is No Kindle Killer

This is a guest post written by Grant Dobinns, who writes on graphic design degree, you can also write for TechMaish, Read Guest Blogging.

Who says people don’t read anymore? Maybe Apple’s Steve Jobs did way back in 2008, but even he has been forced to swallow his ill-timed words with the iPad, the latest fancy toy from the Apple stable, featuring an e-reader and staking claim as being much better and definitely bigger than its predecessors like Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. While I will concede that it’s big, the iPad is definitely not the best in the e-reader business because:

ipad kindle killer
  • It’s almost twice as expensive as the Kindle 2 and the Nook, both of which retail for around $260 while the basic version of the iPad costs around $500.
  • The iPad may score in the looks department, but the shine and gloss don’t augur well for avid bookworms because it literally and figuratively glares at you in bright sunlight.
  • Also, the automatic adjustment for external light settings does not work too well; so your screen does not reflect the change when you move from a bright setting to a dark one and vice versa – not a characteristic that you would want in a portable e-reader.
  • The iPad is not just heavy on features, it’s heavy per se. It weighs 1.5 pounds, a much bigger burden to tote around than the 10-ounce Kindle.
  • The Apple bookstore is much smaller than Amazon’s has only 60,000 books as opposed to the latter’s offering of 400,000; besides, the eBooks here are costlier than those at Amazon.
  • Also, it’s easier to carry around the smaller Kindle or Nook because they fit into even small handbags and purses. The iPad on the other hand needs a dedicated bag or pouch like your notebook.
  • Surprisingly, you cannot read books from the Apple bookstore on your Mac or even your iPhone, so if you’re an Apple fan who religiously buys all its gadgets, you cannot expect to integrate your reading choices to all your devices. With the Kindle however, you can read your books on not just the device, but also off your PC, Mac, the Android (coming soon), and even the iPhone.
  • The Kindle and the Nook are 3G enabled and offer a lifetime of free 3G services while the iPad 3G retails at $629 (for the basic device) and also forces you to pay $15 every month for the service.
  • The iPad does not feature e-ink screens and this fault decreases battery life. While the iPad may boast a solid 10 hours of battery life, but that’s nowhere near the Kindle’s record of two whole weeks.
  • iBooks, the interface through which you buy books from Apple, cannot be loaded onto your PC. So you must go through your iPad to buy and download books.

On the bright side however, the iPad offers a large color display and shows off pictures and illustrations with startling clarity. But if you want the bottom line, unless you’re looking for much more than an e-reader, the iPad is just another glorified status symbol. And for those who are looking for just a good read, the Kindle and the Nook are still the way to go!

By-line:- This guest post is contributed by Grant Dobbins, who writes on the topic of graphic design degree . He welcomes your comments at his email id: grant.dobbins<@>gmail<.>com.