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Have Fun Developing Your Own Home Based Content – And Broadcast!

One of the great advantages of the explosion of the internet is being able to have your say. Your children may already be doing this. If you are really good, funny or interesting, you might even find that you can make money from doing this process. It is quite surprising, but you can broadcast to thousands, even millions of people without high tech knowledge and computer support. Here are some ideas to get you started. Have your say and have fun doing it.

  • Getting Started. Obviously the first thing you will need is a computer and a camera. If you are using a desktop you might need to get speakers and a microphone. The rest is available free on the internet – free in the early stages anyway.
  • Video Blog & More. Video blogging is becoming more popular and does away with the need to do any typing. Youtube is probably the most popular site for doing this, and your account is already set up with your existing Gmail address. It is always a good idea to start your computer and internet usage with a Google account, as there are many other tools and toys that you can use later on – for example, Google Adsense, is a way of making money (see below). Ustream is another site, that promotes more than just making your video and uploading it for later viewing by others, you are actually live when you broadcast. This is a great way to create your own TV show for example. Charlie Sheen is even using this after losing his job on ‘Two And A Half Men’. Users can elect to be alerted by email on your next show, and you can see how many people are actually viewing live.
  • Video Editing Etc. If you are making blogs, you are probably better off doing some editing of your work before you upload. The standard programs like Movie Maker and Apple’s iMovie are more than good enough to do this work at a basic level. Both are free with your OS and easy to use. This will probably not be necessary if you are going live, but at least think about your ‘TV set’ and the background of you and your camera view. Setting the stage a little bit, and making sure you are presenting yourself will go a long way to making your show more popular. Get creative.
  • Earning Money – The Next Level. You might want to try and earn some money. This will need some study on your own to understand more about Google Adsense. Google does explain all of this, but expect their explanations can be a little hard to understand if you are not so much of a tech person. Search for other people’s blogs that explain this in more simple terms. Essentially you will need to sign up for an account, and link in your video blog, or other website you are using so that Google can arrange adverts to be on your site, your channel and more. You might be earning a princely sum each month if you become popular.
  • Virus & Malware. Always use good Malware and other anti-virus software to protect your computer during your use. You are going to be online a lot, and you never know when malware is trying to get into your computer. Malware can be very destructive or be giving out your important information. Malware will lessen your need for computer repairs.

Have fun, create your own channels, and you might even earn some money doing it.

Author Bio:- Tom Mallet is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including Computer support and Computer repairs.

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